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My experience... an unfinished story (by Dr. Buche, N.D.)

When I first read about Breatharianism (also called INEDIA) in Viktoras Kulviskas’ marvelous book "Survival into the 21st Century", it took years for me to realize that the very first line of his chapter on "Breatharianism" which reads: "NOT FOR EVERYBODY" was more than ‘pregnant with meaning’.

In summer of 1993, I was slowly returning North from Miami, Florida on my yacht "Angerica II" with only me onboard. When departing Miami, I decided that I would do a fast. I certainly did not set myself a time limit but it seemed appropriate. Off and on, during the past eight years, I had fasted often, mostly a day or two at a time, but fairly often. I had developed a decent conscience regarding food but felt that I needed to detoxify more seriously than I had before. There were also certain ‘afflictions’ which I had endured for a very long time such as not being able to smell for over twenty years. My taste was naturally also severely restricted. Just hold your nose and try to taste something other than strictly salty or sweet or bitter (the primary taste sensations of the tongue).

One thing scared me a bit. Every authority on fasting advocates the essential need for rest, inactivity, calm and serenity. Life as a single-hander on a large yacht may be serene but it is anything BUT tranquil, inactive and restful!

Nevertheless, I proceeded to sail North along the Intracoastal Waterway, for over 1,000 miles, day in and day out, for three weeks, until I arrived at Elizabeth City in North Carolina. By that time I smelled whatever you placed under my nose. A miracle? Not at all. I had simply detoxified and cleared my sinus cavities. I had also lost quite a bit of weight and looked a bit drawn and haggard. The sight of me was probably not pretty because, when my wife and brother arrived to accompany me on the remaining trip to Montreal, Canada, they gave me curious looks and expressed concern over my appearance. That, of course, is to be expected if you do an uncontrolled fast. Later, in this dissertation, you will discover what I mean by ‘controlled’.

Some people think they are fasting when they take no food for 12 hours. Hogwash! Some believe they are fasting when they abstain from solids and take only juices of some kind. Hogwash! Fasting means taking no food other than water. Some people advocate not drinking ANY water. I cannot support that approach. As long as the human organism is still toxic, there is a need to eliminate dying cells (result of catabolism), cellular refuse, discharged lymph, old fecal matter and undesirable substances such as toxic mucus, liver and kidney stones and gravel and many other waste products we cannot even start defining. While the body is not eating, there is a lot of house cleaning going on, both on a physical level as well as a mental and emotional level. Only later will such house cleaning spill over to the spiritual level. As you can see, there are many theories about fasting.

To continue my narrative...
During this voyage, I continued drinking at least one quart (one liter) of water early in the morning but very little during the day. Just enough to quench my thirst when needed. Invariably, I discovered that I had a short bowel movement (usually quite liquid) about 20 minutes after my morning drink. I did not mix this drinking water with anything whatsoever. The ‘diarrhea’ served as an excellent eliminative process. Long-term fasters usually start developing bad breath, disagreeable body odors and a variety of cleansing reactions that could be a bit overpowering for some bystanders. In my case, I perspired profusely throughout the day and did not develop any disagreeable cleansing reactions. This perspiration probably also initiated large losses of salt, minerals and trace minerals and I would not be surprises if some of my haggardness was due to this very reason. Today, I would mix my drinking water with maybe 1/4 sea water and that I would count on to replenish my missing minerals. Although I had no adverse cleansing reactions, other fasters might have many and severe ones, too. I wished I had done a few liver cleanses before starting such a fast because several liver cleanses, three months apart, should get rid of all stones, gravel and crystals in the gall bladder and liver and thus should eliminate most cleansing reactions. A kidney cleanse and parasite cleanse are also most helpful but not mandatory. I took no medication or supplementation of any kind and do not recommend that this be done during a serious fast.

The day after I arrived at Elizabeth City, I started eating again. You’ll never guess how! With Kentucky-fried chicken! Usually, authorities recommend that you start drinking orange juice, sparingly, and slowly graduate to more solid foods. I did not get sick, throw up nor did I reject such junk food! Mind you - it was just chicken - nothing else. So, at least I observed proper naturopathic food combining practices! (smile)

At that time I still had the notion that one needs protein to build muscle and to survive. Today, I know otherwise. You ARE what you THINK you are and any limitations between your ears become your very own and cry out for acceptance and expression in reality! Thought forms are VERY powerful. If you 'KNOW' you must age - well, you will! Today, I WOULD break by fast (start eating again) on fresh fruit juices and would eat fruit only for at least a week until I could eat a raw (pesticide-loaded) vegetable salads. That's if I wanted to eat again! If you feel like it you might as well become a Breatharians at that point, that's the time to do it. I didn't then - but now the picture is different!

The one and lasting impression I had from that 3-week experience was that, after the third day, all feelings of hunger and all dependencies on food utterly disappeared. The liberating feeling of knowing that Cosmic Life Essence can and did and will sustain me for undefined periods is wonderful. The clarity of mind one develops during a complete fast is awesome. The breath rate slows to under five per minute (what's yours now?) and the heart rate is well below 60 (check yourself now) - and yes, I worked hard throughout my fasting period. I noticed no diminution of strength, no headaches and no feelings of despair or anxiety. Off and on, there was a certain queasiness in the stomach area, possibly a certain adjustment of blood sugar levels and transmutations of certain elements to replenish missing trace elements and due to the liver starting to use stored fat or glycogen to convert to glucose to feed the brain. I drank my urine throughout the day to keep hormones at an acceptable level and to augment my energy. If you are wondering whether I was delirious to do that - just check out our Amaroli Page in this web site and discover an ancient health practice that is both liberating and beneficial. During this fast, conducted in the height of summer, I lost a great deal of liquids and also a lot of minerals and trace minerals through perspiration not through urination. Drinking my urine was the only thing that saved me from demineralization. If you have the slightest queasiness about drinking your own Water of Life and you perspire at all - then you MUST supply yourself with necessary macro minerals and trace minerals until your body has acquired the ability to transmute available minerals into necessary unavailable minerals and elements. This it does eventually, mostly from the nitrogen of the air. The ideal intermediate source, for several weeks, should be from sea vegetation, not from land mineral deposits. One product has not only all of the minerals and trace elements but also all the vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids known to man. This is Seasilver. One ounce a day is sufficient and it will not re-awaken the digestive processes because, being half as thick as water, it starts being assimilated into your body as you retain it in your mouth for a minute or so. Then swallow it. Once your body knows how to transmute, under the solicited guidance of the Great Cosmic Universal Source (via affirmations), then you can slowly cut back in the intake of this liquid pleasant-tasting nutrient. Your body will tell you when it is time to cut back. Know that sustenance comes from God, not from food. Food is but the catalyst that triggers the body to conduct certain processes and actions. If in doubt about this, then read Hilton Hotema's books on Immortality. He is soo eloquent!

The foregoing is not at all remarkable but, I assure you, it is quite significant to me for several reasons that will become apparent as we continue together our journey into the fascinating realm of "Breatharianism".

Oh, by the way - in case you are wondering - not more than a week after my 3-week total fast, when I started to eat like a normal 'civilized' human again, I totally lost my sense of smell again.

Update 2 Feb 01:
Where am I now - how have I evolved during the past few years and what is my present outlook regarding Breatharianism? In essence, I have given up eating altogether. I don't advertise this at all - even to my best friends - because everyone to whom I speak of this thinks I am crazy. So be it, but consequently you can't help keeping this to yourself. At present, I take one teaspoon of kelp with a gulp of spring water every second day. I drink of my own 'water of life' several times a day and have an almost liquid quick bowel movement every morning - cellular waste - that's all it is - but it gets washed out via the urine and several glasses of water in the morning upon arising. Yes, I miss the companionship and pleasure that comes from human interaction during meals. I can watch people eat around me without any discomfort whatsoever and I delight in seeing and feeling my own liberation as compared to those who eat to live and live to eat. When you have looked at all the frightening Mad Cow Disease literature, as I have, then you are not at all sorry to have given up eating. It is really easy when you KNOW (not think) that all sustenance comes from the Great Source of All There Is. When you carry an abundant supply of love and unload it on everyone and everything you come in contact with - then eating is such a heavy load to carry. Once you know how good it feels not to having to detoxify, not having to eliminate those deadly toxins, not having to deal with choices of food and supplements, when health is the birthright you have claimed for yourself - then not eating is the best ticket to liberation you could have bought for your own salvation. Ascension is only a stone throw away - and achievable - Hurrah for me! J.B.

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Dr Jurgen,

I am an aspiring breatharian and also a student of Taoism. Water fasting is a regular routing in my life and currently I am on my twentieth day solely on water. I am determined to "jump over the fence" this time and not go back to food. I live in a natural and healthy environment on the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. For the most part I feel well, although my body is still exuding little toxin that shows in my mouth; a white coating on my teeth. My heart rate has been very high and I would like to ask you if that's a problem. It concerns me a little sometimes. Your input would be highly appreciated. If you'd rather send me an email, please use my address

Kind regards,