domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014


(The Great Himalayan Yogi)


Swami YoganandaMaharajJi was born on 14th September 1908 in Madhya Pradesh. Swami Ji started the path of yoga at very early life in the age of 17. He attributes his good health to the efficacy of the practice of Sukshumavyayam Yoga, ancient regime that combines subtle yogic warm-up with gentle stretching, breathing, relaxation and simple exercises.

Believe it or not even at this age, 105 years old, Swamiji’s faculties are still functioning at optimum level. He has a very good eye sight without the need of glasses and even healthier teeth. He is a living example for all of us today –of the benefits of doing regular Yoga practice in life.

Swami Yogananda Ji has never taken medication in his 104 years of life on earth. 
He is such an expert at preserving the energies he gained through yoga that he eats only once a day and after three days of food he takes up fasting for a week!

Physically he is very much fit and healthy, mentally alert as well. He’s also very ambitious by learning the English Language at this age and hopes to write a book on Yoga!

You can see our Guru on every Sunday and Wednesday at our centre in his Sukshamvyayam Class.    RISHIKESH Read more!