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Jasmuheen - Living on Light - Breatharianism
Evelyn - 19/12-2000 On June 28, 1998, I went alone for a personal journey to Machupicchu, Peru. I was feeling a big necessity to rediscover my real value in life and change my way to drive my human life. My conscience sent me a very strong message to go to the Inca's mountain in Peru.
My inside and personal mission was to go to Peru, being driven by my masters inside of my conscience to not bring any money or credit card and to go and come back safe after spending some time in the lost old Inca city. It was a good challenge and I learned a lot about myself.
It was in this trip that I experienced for the first time the not eating situation. I spent 5 days in Peru and the only food I had was what I received as a present from a park guard in Cusco (A city that was lost for 5,000 years). I didn't bring any money and because of that I could not pay for my food.
In this personal journey I passed for many strange, strong and different experiences. Some of them are still being processed inside of my mind for a better understanding.
After I went to Peru, I started to study more seriously about immortality, about living on light and about the power of the water and air. At that time I was starting my relationship with Steve and I tried many times to talk with him about metaphysical subjects but it was very difficult for me as a Brazilian to try to talk with an American mind about DNA control, immortality and perfect beings… Steve is always very exigent when he tries to understand things that he doesn't know. He is a genius and it's very difficult to talk with one bright mind about things without the proper explanation.
More and more I was beginning to understand about the different dimensions in life… I started to realize that for sure we have the power to control and change our life for the way we want… I started to learn how to vibrate in different frequencies and to start percieving other ways of life as another reality.
I spent the trip in Machupicchu analyzing myself, studying my cells, my body… I didn't feel hungry, even being with out food for a long time. I was physically strong drinking only water. In the beginning I thought that the coca leaves that I was puting in my month was helping me to not feel hungry… The Inca people love to have coca leaves in their mouths but I did not like the feeling so I decided to not chew the leaves anymore and instead only drink water.
My first not eating experience was very natural. I liked the increased sensitivity I felt and the increased light energy in my body.
Many things were shown to me in this trip with myself.
After this strong experience, Steve and I decided to live together in Florida, so I left my country, my family, my work and started a new life close with the love of my life.
By this time, Steve started to get more interested in metaphysics, but it was very difficult for me to explain the invisible things for him… I prayed for some help and the help came as books…
Life and Teachings.. Steve ready many differents books but the most important ones was "The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East"
Studying this book, Steve found on the internet an Australian lady that was talking about the process of living on light… Steve got so excited about the information that he stopped to eat immediately to try the experience to live a life without the necessity of food.
I had heard about prana energy but I never before took time to really understand all the power of the information about prana.
When Steve told me that he was going to stop eating I was shocked and tried to remove the idea from his mind but it was impossible. He had really decided to do the 21 days process, so I then decided to follow my husband and stop to eat too. I thought that if I could stay 5 days with out food… I could stay 21 days and maybe forever!!
During our process we had many strong challenges, including the American courts. Steve's ex wife and family tried 2 times to Baker Act him and tried to take Steve's son from our life by telling them we were crazy, that we are involved in a new cult, and telling that we believe we can live without food… This court situation took from us a lot of money, energy and time. My family always supported me and I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful family that has trust and belief in my studies.
Today, almost 2 years after Steve found the information online, we never went back to food again and we are being involved in passing this information around the planet, helping people understand technically and scientifically why and how a human being can survive healthy without physical food. We are doing 4 hour lectures, explaining the technique of Living on Light.
This information first has to make sense in people's mind so that together we can help the poor and hungry to understand also why they don't need to die if they don't have food.
Our life now is to help to open people's mind to this reality. To help in bringing back a healthy life for the human being and to help in the cleaning of our beautiful planet.
Living on Light is a reality that all human beings can experiment. What you need to realize this is to understand the information, be connected with your higher self and believe you can do it.
Our site has a lot of information to study. Many people are already ready to be free from the addiction of food.
It is true… We can live on light!! We don't need food to be healthy, happy and alive.
Since 1999 we don't eat anymore!!


In the beginning of 1999 a book came to me that changed practically all my views on life. That book was "Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East". It was one of those books that was impossible to put down. This book drove me to question what I had accepted and what most people accept as reality. I quickly came to the understanding that we are here to understand and learn that we have 100% control and more importantly, responsibility for what we experience in our life.
I also learned that our bodies don't require physical food and have only adapted to live on food because we have forced them to do just that. Food is not only unnecessary but actually harmful to our health and well being. Because everything in life including food, has an energy pattern which is influenced by the powerful transmissions of our consciousness and the others around us when we consume this food it then mixes with the energies of our bodies and causes our energy patterns to be so distorted that it's difficult to see clearly.
If you accept the fact that we create our own realities then you might ask why can't we control and render harmless these energies. Well in actuality we can but to many people the control of these forces is a very distant memory and is also difficult due to the environment we live in and the toxins we subject our body to. We also have to contend with all the distorted energies that we have sent out over countless ages. Since these energies are constantly circulating our planet, living in this sea of harmful energies requires more control than most people have the preparation for.
One way to rise above these energies is to raise your own energy pattern to a higher frequency and thus lessen the effects of these lower vibrations. One way to accomplish this is to consume a food that is of a higher vibrational level. Physical food lies on a range of frequencies lower than light and within that range you have flesh foods on the lower scale and fruits on the higher scale. Since our eyes are energy receptors just as our ears are you can understand this in the way you hear music and see light. Ultra Violet light is higher on the light spectrum than infrared and note high on the musical scale vibrates at a higher frequency than a note on the low end of the musical scale. This is obvious and part of our traditional scientific understanding. What is not more widely understood is that this range of frequencies does not stop at the higher frequencies of light. Even though our current instruments are not able to register these higher frequencies does not dispute that they exist. Everything that we experience vibrates at a certain frequencies but most people only experience on a personal level the frequencies of sound, light and heat (infrared).
Prana which is a very high frequency (higher than visible light) wave is what the body was actually intended to use to sustain itself. This is an intelligent energy and brings many other benefits to our lives in increased consciousness and health. To receive this type of energy our brain has very powerful energy receptors located in our brain which we know as endocrine glands. 3 of the most important in this function are the hypothalamus, pituitary, and least known pineal gland. In most people the pituitary gland is no larger than the size of a pea and the pineal gland is about the same size in the shape of a cone. The pineal and pituitary glands increase in size over several years when you stop to eat, as this important gland wakes up to handle it's important function of transmuting the light energy known as Prana into usable energy that our body uses for it's activities. Our lungs are also thought to help in this function of using Prana to sustain our bodies.
Steve TorrenceThe injurious, life-shortening practice of eating food for pleasure, forced these radiosynthetic organs into retirement, as the body slowly adjusted its mechanism to meet the new condition - or perish. And so, instead of dropping dead in his tracks, man dies by degrees, and the dying process science calls disease and aging, while searching within the body for the cause.
See my blood analysis taken on 18/11-1999.
The function of the pineal body, or gland, within the midbrain is not fully understood by the medical community. It is generally believed to be a vestigial (no longer used) sensory organ which is incompletely developed in the modern anatomy. The term 'pineal' means 'pine cone shaped'.
The pituitary (or hypophysis) is a small gland, no larger than a pea, located at the base of the brain in the small depression of the sphenoid bone called the sella turcica. It is controlled by the hypothalamus to which it is attached and is sometimes referred to as the master gland because its function is to coordinate the nervous system and the endocrine system. Some of its hormones stimulate other endocrine glands to produce their own hormones. This small gland is actually two glands: the anterior pituitary gland (or adenohypophysis) and the posterior pituitary gland (or neurohypophysis) and the posterior pituitary gland (or neurohypophysis). This gland produces several hormones.
When you restore the function of these important glands to their full capacity the results are perfect health and an incredible increase in energy. When you really think of the results of a physical food based diet you quickly see how it effects our lives on a daily basis. Just think about the time people spend because they choose the practice of eating physical food.
Just look at the time food takes from our lives. Answer these questions:
  • How much time do you spend working to pay for the food you eat?
  • How much time do you spend buying this food at the grocery store?
  • How much time do you spend preparing it?
  • How much time do you spend in a day eating food?
  • How much time do you spend cleaning up after your meals?
  • How much time do you spend getting rid of this food in the bathroom?
  • How much time do you spend exercising to try and counteract the effects of food?
  • How much extra time do you spend sleeping because of the stress food puts on your body?
  • How much lost productivity do you have in a day because of the tiring effect food has on your body?
Add the above together and you will quickly see the real cost of a diet based on physical food!

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