Last friday I visited with my friend the happening here in Czech Republic, where French guy called Henri Monfort had lecture about his 9 years long experience with Breatharianism, which is also known as Prana’s nutrition. Since we arrived to the event we felt very cosy and surrounded with love and joy. I saw and felt very interesting people there from around our country, who have similar view to the world and I also felt like almost being in the family’s circle.
Henri was just celebrating 58 birthdays and his youthful appearance, which is connected with his lifestyle, was evident at the first sight. This way of living is based on changing inner settings of human body, that it’s then able to get required nutrition for optimal function from the surroundings and own activity only.
It is huge difference between a fast and the Prana’s nutrition, but by Henri words, he is able to live completely without food and he drinks only about a half litre of water per a day.
He also said, that he sleeps only for 1.5 hours a day and the more active he is, the more energy for living he has. He haven’t been ill for whole time, he is on this kind of diet.
Of course if you would like to become an Breatharian, you have to carefully prepare your body for about a year and focus on the food you consume. It is about reducing the quantity but increasing the quality of accepting food, but mainly it’s about complete change of thinking and attitude in a life of everyone, who wants to start live like this.
After preparation you are ready for three weeks process of re-programing your cells in body. During this period, when you are under supervision of someone, who already went through it like Mr. Monfort, you become being able to live from the Prana, which is present everywhere around and also within us. It is Universal-Cosmic energy, from which is everything created.
Isn’t it amazing?! And that’s not everything at all what humanity can gain from this transformation.
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