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The Breatharian Philosophy
Living Only on Light and Love

I had always known instinctively that my body was self-sustaining and that food was an encumberance. What I had yet to learn was that the quality of my environment played a crucial role in sustaining my bodily needs and functions. Your body is after all a piece of this Earth, and if the Earth or environment you live in suffers -so does your body. Your body is constantly renewing or repairing itself from the wear and tear of its usage, and if it cannot access the same quality elements from your environment to replace the damaged parts it will slowly deteriorate.

This is the problem with pollution today, which is a direct outcome of our bad eating habits. By acquiring perverted desires or tastes we are eating all the wrong foods and trashing our environment in the process, so that we are poisoning ourselves from both the inside and the outside.

Originally we were all breatharians living in an Eden of peace and plenty. When we did eat it was only fruit or that which grew on trees, which was pure and non-addictive in nature. At some point, this peaceful natural state was destroyed through......1)the intervention or influence of a non-human species(such as the reptillian or serpent race)

...2)our own willful and deliberate experimentation with lower(addictive) foods

The biblical portrayal of Adam and Eve is an accurate although somewhat distorted account of humanity's demise.

Because we were patterned after the gods, we have within us the seeds of divinity and immortality. One of our potentials is to live without the need for food or water. The first humans lived in an ideal environment and did not have to eat or drink or sleep or age -they were physically immortal -sustained by a high level of prana or life force which flowed unencumbered through their bodies and beings. So long as they kept their blood/light stream unpolluted by food(fruit was the only exception), all was well. The minute they began defiling themselves with grains and meats and vegetables, they began to suffer -and so did their environment.

It is very difficult to practice breatharianism or fruitarianism in a negative or polluted environment or where there are extremes of climate. In fact, it can be deadly. Someone on a fast is much more vulnerable to bad air or water or stress or negativity than someone who is not. Food insulates or shields us to a great extent by desensitizing us to negative conditions, but at the same time, it cuts us off from our higher or divine selves. The solution is to fast or attempt breatharianism in a relatively peaceful and natural environment, find refuge in the inner earth, or wait till the Millennium sets in.

You are much better off if you live in a rural rather than urban(city) setting, where there are trees and where congested highways and industries are far from you. Your dwelling, especially if it is underground, can to some extent duplicate the ideal conditions of the hollow earth, provided it is continuously aeriated and lighted. Best of all, you might want to take a trip or vacation to some semi-tropical island where conditions are naturally ideal, and do your fasting or regeneration there. Most of us are living in highly unnatural environments and lead highly unnatural lifestyles, and then we wonder why we get sick or diseased or die pre-maturely. Forget about medicines and vaccines. The only true remedies are fresh air, warmth, sunshine, simple honest living, and a fruit diet.

Even Barbera Moore, Jasmuheen, and Wiley Brooks, all successful breatharians, could not perform up to par when in densely populated or polluted environments. They all had to drink or take some kind of nourishment to offset the less than ideal conditions. Even power lines and electical gadgets can interfere with breatharianism, as the human body in its ideal state is basically an electro-magnetic dynamo.

This author has fasted on several occassions, and on one occassion, after three days of no food or water, reached that level that one would describe as "breatharian", where the body and mind feel completely at rest, where the skin begins to breathe and a cool sensation envelops you, and where an indescribable KNOWING that you have achieved physical perfection or immortality is experienced. Unfortunately, I could not hold on to this magical and transcendant state for long, and was pulled back into my normal routine over the next few days. The important thing is that I have PROVED to myself that breatharianism is possible and that I can reactivate it at the opportune time and place.

There is much more to breatharianism than giving up food or water. It is also a philosophy and way of life. What it's basically saying is that we weren't meant to be slaves to anyone or anything -including our stomachs! The belief that food sustains us is a great illusion. Rather than sustain us, it slowly poisons and kills us. Yes, food is a great pleasure, but it comes with a very high price -our lives! It causes aging and disease and shortcircuits our spirit or connection to God which is the universal lifeforce in all things and the only true food source. Food in its presently demineralized and chemicalized state is a pollution and a drug, but it is also a symptom of our loveless and truthless world. Love and truth naturally lead to a breatharian state which is the natural and intended state for all humans.


Blood is truly the life of the individual. In its presently polluted state, blood is a thick and often dark-red liquid which courses through our arteries, veins, and capillaries, still bringing life and nourishment to all parts of the body. Blood gets its own nourishment from the air we breathe which carries light energy or the universal life force. So air builds blood, and blood builds bone and tissue. The quality of your blood will determine the quality of your body and health. Clean air, water, and food, will make your blood a bright red color whereas the opposite will give it a dark red color. A prolonged water fast in a clean-air environment will further lighten and refine your blood but it will still be in a liquid state. Only a prolonged total fast or breatharian state will change your blood into its original state -white light, but this can only be done in a pure environment, and in a pure state of mind, otherwise death may result. Adam was covered in a bright white light which flowed throughout his body before he lost it by eating and polluting his lightstream.


That bodily fluid thay you roll around in your mouth and swallow every so often is more important than you think. There are three main salivary glands and various minor ones located beneath the ears, nose, and mouth. Saliva's most commonly kmown function is to aid or initiate the digestion of food. The slippery coating prevents the food from damaging sensitive tissue as it travels through the digestive canal. Saliva also kills or neutralizes harmful bacteria both in the mouth and in the food. Another function is that it coats all the important cavities in the head protecting them from germs, viruses, gases, or chemicals that we bring in through our mouth, nose, and ears. These substances are often expelled through sneezing, blowing your nose, coughing, or throwing up. Saliva not only protects the gum and teeth but can actually repair them.

During a fast, the saliva that is often wasted on excess food goes into repairing and fully reactivating the five cavities in the head related to one's five senses so that they now become one's "super senses".

Salt and sugar and other refined chemicals are highly detrimental to the full working power of our saliva and should be minimized or eliminated whenever possible. Salty or sugary saliva actually corrodes the teeth causing cavities and the pain related to it and should be spit out(it usually takes about an hour) untill it(the taste or pain) is no longer there.


A breatharian is someone who gets all of their nourishment from air and light(love). A few thousand strong, worldwide, they are forerunners of what all of us will one day become -an immortal and self-sustaining humanity. When you stop polluting your body with food and drink a cleansing and healing process takes place restoring you from the animal state(anything that eats or has sex) to your original divine or angelic state(non-eating/non-copulating).

In this pristine and higher vibratory state, all of your powers are augmented tenfold, and you become a superhumam; your thought processes become computer-like, your psychic senses unfold, and you will have enough strength to lift ten times your own weight.

You will require little or no sleep and will easily resist extremes in temperature. You will never get sick and will have stopped or even reversed the aging process. Perhaps best of all, you will always be happy and confident and clear as to who you are or where you are going in life. While not everyone can become a breatharian just yet, it will become an increasing trend in this 21st century. Breatharians can do it all! Important note: Never try to become a breatharian in a cold, polluted, or negative environment, or if you are on medication, or are seriously handicapped or limited in some way.


Sex is the natural result of an intoxicated state. A diet rich in meats and delicacies and wine and liquor and sweets will go a long way in bringing the sensual beast out of any teen or adult. This is because all of these foods are highly stimulating and intoxicating, as well as highly chemicalized, lowering the mental and spiritual vibrations and giving way to base or carnal desires. Of course, some of us are more naturally susceptible to sensuality than others(Capricorn and Scorpio rising signs are the champs), but in general, rich(chemicalized)foods=sex.

Fruit, on the other hand, is the highest vibration food there is, and tests have shown that an exclusive diet of fruit will greatly diminish or even fully negate your desire for sex.

Fasting For Regeneration

It has been proven that a pure diet and clean environment inhibits lust and encourages love. Coital sex is a mental abberation caused by a toxic bloodstream. Toxins lowers the mental and spiritual vibration and subject one to lustful thought and behaviour.

As the blood is purified, the vibrations heighten and the sexual nature subsides as the male and female hormones balance out. The sexes are the result of this hormonal imbalance. Humanity's ideal state is a bisexual one where magnetic or self-reproduction (parthogenesis) becomes possible. Sex as we presently know it is a weakness, and so long as we continue in our present unnatural diet we will always be "horny" and spill our seed.

Semen or sexual fluid is food for your brain or nervous system. Too much loss can bring nervous disorders. It is said that one drop of semen is worth 60 drops of blood.

Regeneration or purification begins with fasting and prayer or meditation. We're not supposed to be eating, or drinking or having sex, but we do so because we live in a deficient atmosphere and environment void of love and truth. This love force or current is naturally abundant on all worlds except those that have been tampered with, such as our Earth.

The evil forces in control have diverted this force from reaching our outer surface through technological and occult means, and in so doing have stimulated the lower animal nature in us which seeks to kill and eat. Once this obstruction is removed, the natural life force of the planet will increase dramatically and fully envelop the outer earth surface so that it too may become a paradise just like its inner surface presently is(our earth is hollow with an interior sun). Even our Moon, which is linked to our pituitary or "third eye" gland is artificially kept from rotating. This explains why we are psychically crippled and cannot readily link to our higher solar(pineal) selves. We are truly cut off from our divinity in the most devious ways.

Regeneration to one's divinity is a simple and natural process, but because of the artificial control mechanisms set into place, it becomes a chore and discipline. Still one can benefit greatly from fasting. There are four basic kinds of fasting; physical fasting from food and water, mental fasting or meditation, emotional fasting or rebirthing, and spiritual fasting or prayer.

Physical fasting is going without food and often without water as well. For beginners, short fasts of one to three days on water or juice or fruit are recommended. The water should be clean and the juice or fruit as natural and chemical free as possible. If you are weak, infirmed, or on medication, the fast should be supervised. If you are relatively healthy you can go about doing what you normally do. Slight dizziness, sweating, foul odor, and loss of weight are are all cleansing signs. Your intuition will warn you when it is time to break the fast and start eating again. Not everyone is ready to fast, while for others it will be a natural thing. If you feel ready, you can then go on to longer fasts of a week or more and do them more than once. The results will be startling; clear skin, shining eyes, a feeling of lightness, emotional calmness, clarity of mind, sharpened senses, more confidence, increased strength, less sleep, less preoccupation with sex, and a greater ability to overcome habits like smoking and drinking. Best of all, you will have slowed, stopped, or even reversed the aging process! Note: physical fasting is best done in a clean and quiet environment.

What is happening here is that you are taking your first step towards reclaiming your natural divinity. We must break the chains that bind us and that includes our addiction to food! No one should have to be a slave to their stomach! It is possible to train yourself to subsist on very little and there are some who have even managed to give up food alltogether. Air is our greatest and most important food, containing both moistiure and solar energy, unfortunately we are diminishing the quality of this life-giving element. People who fasted before 1950 did so much more successfully than today, as there were less chemicals and radioactivity released into the environment then. Emaciation is a side effect of our poisoned bodies and environment. Pesticides and mercury fillings are poisons. So are salt, sugar, and the thousands of modifiers in our food. Our houses and offices are cesspools of dangerous chemicals and products. Read Hulda Clark's The Cure for all Diseases and weep.

Despite all these obstacles, there is hope. Clean technology exists(and has always existed) which can correct many of our present energy and environmental problems and do it very quickly, unfortunately, it is being largely held back by the powers that be. Electric, solar, and even hydrogen(water) fueled cars and vehicules were always available but never really implemented because of selfish interests. Wind and magnetism are other clean but downplayed sources of power. Your body is the greatest power generator of all, unfortunately we are soiling it with food and chemicals which cause it to break down, and we call this sickness, aging and death.

Fasting is a way for your body to release the toxins and wastes in your body. Digestion takes a lot of energy, and by refraining to eat you are liberating that energy so it can catch up on the work of expelling excess toxins and repairing damaged bone or tissue. There is only so much energy to go around, and we often surpass our quota.

Emotional fasting is the release of long buried or pent up negative emotions which continue to eat away at you, often in a subconcious manner. This can be a hurt, jealousy, failed relationship, loss of a loved one, crime, birth trauma, or even past life event that has yet to be resolved. Emotional fasting can follow physical fasting, or can come spontaneously, or be aided by such techniques as hypnosis, rebirthing, or water therapies. A successful release will not only make you feel better but can actually heal some longstanding disease or infirmity which you could not get rid of. It is very possible humanity as a whole is suffering some kind of collective trauma that keeps it locked in certain negative habits and patterns. Such an event could be the Great Flood which almost wiped out the human race thousands of years ago.

Mental fasting or meditation is the daily clearing of your mind from all of its distracting thoughts so that new, original, and important thoughts can come through from which you can benefit. It is akin to prayer, and requires a certain amount of purity to effect successfully, otherwise one can open oneself to negative influences and entities. Like sleep, it is possible to work out some problem during the meditative state so that one has the solution during the waking state. In short, mental fasting is the elimination of negative or error thoughts with positive and constructive ones.

Spiritual fasting or prayer is an awareness or knowing of what's really important in your life and discarding the rest. Unlike mental fasting, spiritual fasting is something you feel deep inside of you rather than something you deduce logically. It is connecting with your higher or spiritual self and adopting the right attitudes to life. "Let Go and Let God" is an apt way of describing spiritual fasting.

Fasting, in all its forms, is the key to our regeneration from human to divine. It is an eastern tradition which the western world would do well to embrace. Unfortunately it is looked down upon by much our modern society, especially here in America, and this is a great tradgedy. Instead of disciplining ourselves, we are encouraged by our consumer society and the money moguls to indulge in the very things that are destroying us. It is not natural to become sick or diseased, or even to grow old and die! Yet we have pathetically resigned ourselves to such a fate. It is time to wake up and regain control of our lives. Life is a fight that CAN and MUST be won. Everyone who has died has failed and must be reborn to try again. When you have conquered death you have succeeded in this game of life.

All the prophets are pointing to 2012AD as the date when humanity and the planet will be transformed into something new and better, and that we will finally be free and begin a new age of prosperity. I hope this is true, but the truth is you can begin that transformation individually, right here and now. Yes, it will be harder and more challenging to do so now, rather than in the Millennium, but the rewards will be greater. It is up to you.

Living On Smell

Smell is a vital source of nourishmnt for both the body and soul, perhaps even more so than the actual solid food we eat. If the facial physiognomy is any indication(see diagram below), our noses are more important than our mouths.

Living On Smell

Smell is a vital source of nourishmnt for both the body and soul, perhaps even more so than the actual solid food we eat. If the facial physiognomy is any indication(see diagram below), our noses are more important than our mouths.

The arrangement of the facial organs is no accident. Elevation is an indicator of nobility or importance. The mouth occupies the lowest or grossest functions(eating/talking) and is the oldest or first to form in the embryo. The nose/nosrils(breath/smell) and ears(hearing/balance) are both centrally located, and the eyes(sight/ray absorption) are the highest or most elevated. As the nose is the center of the face it is also central to our existence -as the aperture through which we obtain most of our life-giving oxygen. In cases where the nasal pasages become blocked the mouth of course serves as a back-up.

All of the main orifices or apertures of the body are incisions designed to connect us to the material world. They are conduits or link points for the spirit/soul, allowing it to savor or experience the diversity and richness of matter. The most basic or numerous apertures are the tiny pores on your skin which breathe and mantain the body's intergrity. In the regenerated or breatharian state it is in fact possible to breathe soley through one's skin pores.

Breathing is an involuntary function designed to bring oxygen to the lungs and circulatory system refreshing the entire body, but it also to serves expel or burn fine waste or matter which would otherwise accumulate and/or poison us. All orifices expel waste of some kind.

Smell is particular to the nose, and gives us a sense of pleasure or disgust according to the fragrances emitted by an object or person. Odor, smell, or, fragrance is in fact a very fine form of airborne food emitted from the host and literally eaten or absorbed by the recipient. It is the purest and most nutritious part of the host or food and is free for us to enjoy. When we cook our food we kill it forcing the life force out of it which is the sweet or pleasant odor you smell around you. All life force has a sweetness or purity to it. By cooking and eating the host or food we cross the line and commit murder or kill.

The first humans neither ate nor drank and when they did eat it was mostly fruits or berries and was done for pleasure rather than need. Many were simply satisfied by the fragrance or smell. There existed whole tribes and nations that existed this way for thousands of years, but their history has been lost or suppressed. One such tribe is the Astomi of India whom Pliny the Elder write about...

The Astomoi(Astomi) or Mouthless Ones

Pliny the Elder, author, philosopher, and military commander of the 1st century AD, in his Natural History, writes about THE ASTOMOI (or Astomi) who were an Indian tribe of hair-covered men without mouths, who obtained their only nourishment from the scent of aromatic plants and fruits. Other than his report, not much imformation is available on this strange race. Pliny writes....

"At the extreme boundary of India to the East, near the source of the Ganges, he [the Greek historian Megasthenes C4th BC] puts the Astomi tribe, that has no mouth and a body hairy all over; they dress in cottonwool and live only on the air they breath and the scent they inhale through their nostrils; they have no food or drink except the different odours of the roots and flowers and wild apples, which they carry with them on their longer journeys so as not to lack a supply of scent; he says they can easily be killed by a rather stronger odour than usual." - Pliny, Natural History 7.26 source

Another source(Sir John Mandeville) tells "There is another isle that men call Pitan, men of this land till no land, for they eat nought, and they are small, but not so small as Pygmys. These men live with smell of wilde apples, and when they go far out of the countr, they bear apples with them, for anon, as they lose the savor of apples they dye." source

So you're a breatharian -then what?
While living without food or water is a huge step towards immortality and divinity, it does not stop there. There is always a next step for those who are ready to embrace infinity. A breatharian has mastered food and drink and achieved physical and mental purity and perfection. Most breatharians go on to develop their psychic senses which reveal and teach them all things. One of these revelations is that they do not have to remain a slave to their physical bodies or environments. Through breath control, one is able to kindlle the kundalini or inner fire and cause the physical body to transform into light.

Uncontrolled or premature kundalini, however, is dangerous and can cause the body to burn or combust. It must be done slowly and only with the purest of intentions. One must first master breatharianism before becoming an etheric being. A breatharian has conquered his or her physical or sensual appetites and lusts which are the root cause of humanity's woes or problems. Air and light are the next grade of food(after solids and liquids) which must be conquered to achieve perfection. By holding the breath for longer and longer periods of time the body is forced to get its food directly from light or prana causing it to heat up and eventually dematerialize. This is called air fasting. Many yogis and spiritual masters can volontarily control their kundalini and physically dissapear or reappear at will. Their bodies are still with them, but in a much finer (etheric) state. This is because their electrons or atomic structures are superheated and spinning at superhigh speeds causing invisibility. There is a part of the brain where the nerves or conduits seem to fade or dissappear into nothingness -this is where the physical and etheric bodies merge. With practice you can stay in the etheric for increasingly longer periods of time or even go on to higher levels -there is no limit! Yes, you can take your body with you -it is after all, the materialization of your etheric template. When everyone can do this there will be no more costly and wasteful funerals and physical death will occur through will rather than ignorance.

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