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fruitarian and vegetarian tours in Turkey escorted by an archaeologist tour guide

Archaeologist offering small group and private guided Turkey Tours


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During your tour it is possible to eat just fruit and nuts. Imagine a hot summer day in Turkey when the temperature outside is 35 C and you are on a tour bus. Most tourists visiting Turkey have a tight tour schedule and they are spending a great deal of their time on a tour bus to reach their next destination. Package tours will normally include all three meals and most restaurants offer rich meals of the local cuisine, which look delicious and people are tempted to try them. People may easily think they are on a tour and will use this energy later, but it is generally not the way it happens. Unfortunately being part of a group, they will have to sit and follow the slow pace of the tour. This is destructive to the bodies as it triggers free radical attacks causing damage on the DNA and oxidization. Travellers who keep a fruitarian diet, will not feel like their cuore temperature rised and will enjoy every bit of time with their fully functioning internal cooling system. This is why the fruitarian diet could be a good option to choose especially during a tour, even if you are on a private tour with me.

If you decide to eat only fruit and nuts, we will buy seasonal fruits, abundant bottled mineral water, fresh juicy nuts and delicious wines. This way we also won't have to stop at restaurants and this will save some of your precious time.

In order to make sure you are eating good quality fruit and nuts, we will occasionally go to fruit markets located at certain places I know and we will choose the best quality seasonal fruit and nuts available. This way it will be possible to eat a combination of fresh seasonal fruits whenever you feel hungry. Some of the good combinations I recommend are; almonds and dry mulberries, black olives and hazelnuts, walnuts and grapes. This way you will make sure you are not putting any harmful food in your body and your physical condition will be at an optimum level while you are traveling. This diet, that goes one step beyond veganism, is also quite economical if a balanced fruit and nut eating plan is followed.

If you have time please read on and let me share with you some of the ideas I have concerning the fruitarian diet and it's relations with the environment.

Fruit contains vital elements to make our body work and there is a great energy in their juices. These juices do not burden our system, but pass easily through, giving the body a more efficient energy system. Imagine a world where people ate only fruits. This will result in a healthy abundance of fruit trees, giving nutritious food to be enjoyed by those who wish to live an energetic and healthy life. The world will transform into a beauty to the way it used to look before with an increase in tree populations cleaning the air and offering protection for animals of the nature, many of them are already endangered. When we start eating only fruits and nuts the difference is felt very quickly. A sensation of integrity and a wave of energy spreads through the body. Another benefit to our health could be a psychological one, if we think we are not causing the death of animals to survive. There is no need to make secret of the fact that when we consume meat, we are starting a chain reaction which will cause the death of an animal.

Mr. Zeki Tamer

"The human body doesn't need food to live. But as long as it moves, it will not die" said, Mr. Zeki Tamer who died at the age of 92. Pointing out the importance of exercise for the human body.

The increase of our human races in the world and eating habits are the main reasons for the destruction of the forests and the right environmental conditions in which we live. The excessive grazing of the animals and raising of the crops do not permit the creation of a suitable flora which is necessary for the growth of the trees. This also means erosion, which takes away the fertile soil and poor peasants moving to the towns, which grow continually, creating more environmental and social problems. As for our bodies they are not designed for such a sedentary living. Degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease or osteoporosis strike us.

Fruitarian lifestyle could be an alternative plan to stop the global warming and save the world as it will result the increase of the fruit trees everywhere in the world. It simply consists of collecting fruits from the trees, eating them and scattering their seeds around. By doing this, we will spread these fruit trees everywhere and will need no instruments to do that. Our bare hands are designed to collect and eat fruits. It is quite simple and this saves time, prevents the nature harming ways of processing, cooking and washing dishes.

Mr. Zeki And I Working As Tour Guides, In Istanbul

Thttp://privatetourturkey.com/fruitarian.htmhis old fruitarian, athlete and swimming instructor, was still able to run 100 meters in 14 seconds at his age of 90.

MAS AQUI: http://privatetourturkey.com/fruitarian.htm

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