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BIGU (“without food”) - qigong

Research Penn State University March 2000

The Bigu phenomenon, which occurs spontaneously among certain Qigong practitioners, entails the cessation of eating solid food for periods of weeks to months and years. It is so spectacular a claim (but made openly albeit quietly) that it is truly remarkable that no seminar, scientific and technical magazines have published anything whatsoever, on this phenomenon.

We have assembled a remarkable Team of Qigong practitioners, persons in the Bigu state (including families) and world-class scientists who are open-minded to the potential on the new science.

辟谷 [bìgǔ]
To keep away from cereal food as a path to enlightenment for the taoists.
The presentation of data on experimental research to try to explain the Bigu state. The presentation of experimental scientific instrumentally obtained data from Yan Xin Qigong and other integrative medicine modalities, which extend the range of very significant facts and useful healing techniques not explained (possibly not explainable) by today's reductionist science. Reflections upon the data and hypotheses to explain them, and suggestions for the most important research directions.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice for body-mind development and healing with several thousand years of written history. Some startling benefits in the realm of healing of cancer, managing difficult pregnancies, stress-related diseases and so on, were reported.

Experiments on the effects of qi (chi) by the grand master Yan Xin (a kind of combination of Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein in talents), directly measured from chemical and physical reactions in leading universities, were as new as the report by Roentgen 100 years ago when he discovered X-rays. The most intriguing, first time ever, public presentation was the extraordinary phenomenon called bigu (without food). Many of the Yan Xin Qigong practitioners find themselves in this state where they do not need to eat solid food at all for days, weeks, months or even years.

The Conference had over 100 attendees who had experienced this state while maintaining more than normal active professional lives in U.S. corporate and academic research centers.


Bigu and Weight Loss: Qi as a Food Source by Qizhi Gao

Unfortunately, obesity is also one of the most difficult and frustrating disorders to manage successfully. Primary care providers and patients with little benefit expend considerable effort. Using standard treatments in university settings, only 20 percent of patients lose 20 pounds at two-year follow-up, while only 5 percent of patients lose 40 pounds. This lack of clinical success has created a never-ending demand for new weight loss treatments.

Based on the above understanding, Bigu Qigong shows its big advantage in weight loss. Bigu translates literally as “avoid (bi) the grain (gu).” In practice, it reflects the ability to live solely on qi without food.

For the experienced qigong practitioner, this is a natural process that occurs when the accumulation of qi reaches a certain level. The ability to sustain normal body functions from qi only is possible with no change in one’s daily routine and has no side effects.

Some qigong practitioners can live on the qi without food for a long period of time and oftentimes for achieving and sustaining a much higher energy level through the physical and mental discipline of the bigu exercise.

One of the most elusive principles of Qigong is quantifying Qi as a vital force. Scientific methods are just beginning to define its nature, objectively supporting what has been experienced very profoundly on a more personal, subjective level. From the broadest viewpoint, everything is a form of energy. Body energy has an anatomy and physiology uniquely its own -- separate from the physical body. Despite the basic difference of air and food in terms of vibratory function and complexity, there is a homeostatic relationship between them, in which one acts as a back-up system for the other.

Bigu can be found in many ancient Chinese texts, in individual legend and exercise methods to experience. Here are a few examples:

A story from Bao Puzi’s Inner Treaties said that:

A man name Jian was hunting in the field when he fell into a deep tomb in his early age. He was so hungry. Then he saw a big turtle, its head moved up and down to swallow the air. Jian was told that a turtle is good at Daoyin ? Conducting Qi, he imitated the turtle’s movement. He did not feel hungry any more until someone saved him 100 days later. After that he had the Bigu ability -- living on the air without food.
The emperor Wei did not believe this and placed Jian in a room without food. One year later, Jian still was full of energy and his face had a normal healthy color.

Wang Chong Lun Heng -- Dao Xue Pian from the Eastern Han dynasty, stated: “The people who live on Qi have longevity, although they do not eat enough grain they are still full of energy.

Among the historical relics unearthed from the Han Tomb No. 3 at Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan Province, there was a silk book, On Abandoning Food and Living on Qi, and a silk painting, Daoyin Illustrations, of the early Western Han Dynasty period (3rd century B. C.).
The former is a method of “inducing, promoting and conducting Qi”; the latter displays 44 colored “Daoyin Illustrations in which training exercises are painted.”

As a qigong practitioner, I have personally experienced Bigu twice.
From July 20, 1993, until August 3, 1993, my daily diet consisted of a cup of juice or an orange. The first three days were the most difficult as I continued to feel hungry. After the three-day adjustment period, I was able to control my appetite and hunger with the qigong exercise and gradually increased my energy level, as well.

During the two-week period, I continued my normal work routine and required less sleep than normal; physically and mentally, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I lost a total of 10 pounds in two weeks and have never gained the weight back. I repeated the same process for a two-week period in 1996, with similar results.

In June of 1996 I conducted a two-week weight loss experiment with 12 subjects, most of whom had no previous qigong experience.

Subjects were initially taught two different Qigong exercises:

one to control appetite and one to increase energy level.

These exercises facilitated the body switching its primary nutrient source from food to Qi. Each subject was encouraged to eat and drink only what the body required. Emphasis was placed on the fact that this was not a deprivation study, rather a study to demonstrate the body’s ability to derive sustenance from sources other than food and in the process promote weight reduction.

At the conclusion of the two-week study, there was a significant mean weight loss of 11.2 pounds; mean weight loss per day was .9 pounds. Energy levels gradually increased during the two-week period with a concomitant reduction of hunger. Food consumption was rated on a six-point scale, with a six representing three complete meals. Mean food consumption was rated fewer than two for all days except Day 3 and Day 11.

There was a significant increase in energy levels post exercise for nine of the 13 days (67 percent). Hunger levels were significantly reduced 10 of 13 days (77 percent).
Blood pressure did not significantly change between pre and post measures.

Ten of the 12 subjects lost a minimum of nine pounds during the 14-day experiment; the two subjects who lost less than nine pounds (3 and 4 respectively), both performed the exercises less frequently and had a higher food consumption. All subjects returned to normal eating habits within three days of terminating the exercise. The results were presented at the Third World Conference on Medical Qigong.

Bigu qigong is a safe and effective method for weight loss that uses self-control and the exercise to reduce caloric intake; however, for the lay practitioner, it is necessary to have an experienced qigong teacher as a guide. Bigu is a viable protocol for long-term, sustained weight loss.
Dr. Qizhi Gao is president and founder of the Kansas College of Chinese Medicine in Wichita, Kan., and is a Qigong Practitioner and Instructor.


It's called "bigu" btw -- in Taoist Yoga or qigong. Yes it's been verified by science already.
I, myself, went 8 days in just half a glass of water. Water is created through reverse electrolysis via the pineal gland and so are nutrients -- so there's no hunger and no thirst.
Also your electromagnetic fields increase significantly so you can see and emit light energy for more powerful healing. I healed my mom of a serious leg injury so she no longer needed surgical stockings. I also accidentally pulled this old lady's spirit out of her body -- no touch involved -- just the chi energy. So you do have to be careful when increasing the chi -- but a good book on how to do so is "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immoratality" -- the same exercise is found in India and the same "bigu" is documented in Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi book.

Yan Xin Life Science Technology-Optimized Caloric Restriction (YXLST-CR) is a unique food abstinence, which suppresses appetite and sensation of hunger while maintaining physiological homeostasis.
The authors review the first clinical case study on YXLST-CR, or YXLST-bigu, a 15-day, 24-hour observation in 1987 on a 21-year-old female undergoing YXLST-bigu for several months. The participant took no food or water and conducted normal physical activities. The daily records of body weight, temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and daily urine test results showed no abnormalities.

Studies on the Fundamental Theory of Bigu (Food Abstinence)—Preliminary Experimental Observations of Cellular Bigu

Clinical studies as well as hundreds of case reports have indicated that Yan Xin Life Science Technology has enabled human participants to live a normal life with little or no food intake for prolonged periods—a state referred to as bigu. Bigu is described in historical records as "taking in qi to avoid food," and is regarded as a special technique to achieve a long and healthy life. In this study, experiments were designed to study whether cells in vitro can survive without commonly acknowledged essential nutrients after receiving external qi treatments from Dr. Yan Xin, a chief physician and a renowned life scientist.

Results reported here indicate that mouse hybridoma cells can survive in Dulbeco’s modified Eagles medium without serum or in phosphate-buffered saline buffer without other nutrient ingredients after qi treatment. These results are the first evidence that a cellular equivalent of the human bigu phenomenon or cellular bigu phenomenon may occur.

Another study:

Bigu state. (Bigu is a state in which a person maintains a normal life without taking any food. Standard Bigu means very little or no intake of water. Basic Bigu means only drinking water and juice. Non-standard Bigu means ingesting water, juice, and occasionally juicy fruits and vegetable soups).

The Eighth Workshop had more than four hundred students, among which only a dozen or so people had eaten food (according to a survey). This was ninety to ninety-five percent short-term Bigu, or Bigu within a given period of time.

In Beijing, China, a seventeen year-old high school female student has been in Bigu for over six years, only drinking water.
I use Bigu as an example. Perhaps scientific research should explore the basic theories of the Bigu state and further investigate its applications. If we have a scientific breakthrough, perhaps then it is possible that human beings will make tremendous improvements in quality of life.

Take for example the cellular experiment I have collaborated on with people at the University of California, San Diego. Supposedly, cellular tissues can only survive among blood serum. Without blood serum, there is no environmental condition to provide the cells with oxygen and other nutrients. But, in this experiment, there was no blood serum, only ordinary liquid, and the cells still survived for more than three months during which time the experiment was being conducted.

According to some scientists' analytical opinions, this survival phenomenon was impossible -- but the cells lived. That cells can live in an ordinary liquid, such as water, is somewhat similar to our friends in a Bigu state who, for a long time, even years, have been drinking only water or occasionally a little juice -- an amount of which is supposedly insufficient to provide the energy needed for the maintenance of life.

Dr. Raymond Lee of San Diego State University has collaborated with the International Yan Xin Qigong Association on two very strict Bigu experiments, with twenty-four hour a day supervision.

The two experiments were one month in duration and very successful. Preliminary experimental conclusions showed that during the supervised period, the average person in Bigu drank merely a half quart of plain water each day. Although people in this Bigu experiment needed to drink a little juice due to blood testing and other interfering factors, the amount of juice converted to energy was far below the energy standard level predicted by the present medical establishment for maintaining a normal life.

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I assure you there is a definite way to go without food and water.

For example I took classes from qigong master Chunyi Lin. Chunyi lin went 49 days without food, water and sleep!!

Chunyi Lin did this through qigongmaster.com...

Chunyi Lin's healing is now tested and verified by the Mayo Clinic -- the top hospital in the world.


So going without food and water is really -- it does require special training.

I know how to do it -- I've done it -- is this fakir doing it? To some extent but not really.
April 29, 2010 3:35 PM
spiraldance said...


April 29, 2010 spiraldance said...

As I stated the water is CREATED through reverse electrolysis -- strong electromagnetic fields in the brain turn hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere into water in the brain. This is called the "ambrosia" -- and in fact this fakir does describe getting a special fluid that he swallows.

In Beijing, China, a seventeen year-old high school female student has been in Bigu for over six years, only drinking water.

Again it's not just slowing down the metabolism through controlled breathing - it's done through IONIZATION of the electrochemicals of the lower body which then create electromagnetic fields -- chi or prana -- and then these, when intensified through further ionization turn into shakti or shen -- the spirit light energy.
So the laser energy of the brain -- biophotons -- is then able to create the nutrients and water needed.

April 29, 2010 3:48 PM spiraldance said...

Kurt Godel said the grandfather paradox does not happen because if a person time travels they do not DESIRE to change their past.

Why is that? Because it's not the "person" who travels -- it's "consciousness" itself that travels. In order to time travel you have to exorcise yourself of any personal DESIRES -- this is how the yogis do it. Time travel works through electromagnetic holographic energy.


This doctor describes her own time travel.

April 29, 2010  spiraldance said...

It's not just water -- even BREATHING is not necessary if your body is filled with electromagnetic fields.

Again the electromagnetic fields take hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere and create water in the brain which then flows down.

Yep I went 8 days on just half a glass of water -- no hunger and no thirst. Hella strong electromagnetic fields though!

This stuff is REAL -- real rare as well and dangerous.

It works through the vagus nerve -- ionization of the vagus nerve enables transduction of the lower body electrochemicals -- mainly serotonin -- which then turns into melatonin and DMT in the brain to open the pineal gland.

As that continues in ionization the heart creates stronger electromagnetic fields which transmit out the pineal gland -- turning oxygen and hydrogen into water for the body to use.
The center of the hands and feet PULSATE with electromagnetic fields and does the top of the head -- the skull becomes soft again like a baby and the fissure opens up.
If you want to know how to do this and to practice it just read the book "Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality" translated by Charles Luk.
I have a blog on this http://naturalresonancerevolution.blogspot.com I finished my masters degree in 2000 doing this "bigu" training -- it's called "energy feasting" but literally means without grains. By not eating grains you can also go without salt - and thereby increase the potassium sodium ratio along with decreasing the chloride. It's how electric fish work as well -- the serotonin turns into ACTH in the pituitary which then changes the potassium-sodium differential.

"why would anyone not want to eat?" Actually yogis practice celibacy.

There's a close tie between food and sex -- obviously -- the best way to get to a man's heart is food as it's said.

But the yogi has the secret of unlimited sex by abstaining from food.

The secret is again the vagus nerve - it's ionized by ultrasound created through focusing sound internally. The frequency of bone pressure is ultrasound.
Ultrasound cavitation creates the light biophoton energy which, as it intensifies, can transmute matter providing the necessary nutrients and water.

So there's two ways about it -- the Bushmen call it "N/um" and it's reported they "collect the N/um of young maidens" -- the Bushmen were the original humans to go without food and water.

It's standard training in the Bushmen culture -- 90% of human history -- since there were regular famines. So the males regularly fast. The young males train with the older males for a month -- fasting from food and water.

That's why this training has to remain secret because it is based on changing sex energy for food. Which is better? Rats will choose opiates instead of food until they die.... just a hint.

Gurdieff discusses this quite a bit in "In Search of the Miraculous" -- about alchemy -- how sex energy has to be purified through the heart -- but that sex energy is the secret to go without food. Gurdjieff states that real meditation doesn't start until a person feels hungry.

So the belly gets hot first from the ultrasound ionization -- this is called N/um -- Bushmen -- or tummo -- Tibet -- or Jing - China -- or Kundalini - India.

After that with continued meditation then you can go without hunger or thirst -- once the third eye opens up. This is called "achieving cessation" for Buddhist monks -- a week long fast from food and water. It's the first step in enlightenment training -- samadhi.

So the serotonin of the lower body is able to bypass the blood brain barrier and this creates amazing bliss. But also the anaerobic bacteria of the lower body will go into the brain.

So after the third eye is opened then a "modified bigu" diet is required -- which means a real yogi is not only vegetarian but also keeps the diet to a minimum -- just a small veggie meal once a day plus fasting one day a week.

That's the "modified bigu" diet -- it's what the real yogis do. You can go totally without food and water but requires a special practice.

April 29, 2010  spiraldance said...

As I've explained the practice of yoga creates electromagnetic energy that then works through electrolysis of the atmosphere -- so you get hydrogen and oxygen from the atmosphere to create water internally. Also it works through fusion to create all the necessary nutrients so there's no loss of body weight.

April 29, 2010  spiraldance said...

I had to quit my job because I'm no longer able to eat normal foods and it was too difficult to maintain the specialized "modified bigu" diet unless I was meditating all the time.

The West does not value meditation - maybe mind yoga for priests -- but not yoga.

So yes this training is very dangerous. There is no training back after a certain point -- it is a permanent transformation of the brain. I can feel the center of my brain -- a magnetic bliss -- but this also automatically transduces my lower body energy.

If you're doing much physical work then it counteracts the ability to go without food -- the ability to go without food and water requires the constant meditation.

April 29, 2010 5:05 PM spiraldance said...

Right -- I've encounter many martial artists online who do not buy these spiritual abilities. Again a real qigong master is very rare. I already posted the Yan Xin studies -- published in a peer-reviewed science journal. Chemistry Professor Rustom Roy organized a "bigu" or energy FASTING conference -- based on his work with Yan Xin -- the most famous qigong master of China.

Again Chunyi Lin is who I took classes from -- he's been verified by the Mayo Clinic -- just check out the medical research section of his website. He went 49 days without food, water and sleep -- through this training locale qigongmaster.com... -- just read the articles section mentioning the same fasting training.

Or you can read the biography of Wang, Liping -- Opening the Dragon Gate.

So most martial arts at best deals with chi -- as in Tai Chi -- which focuses on jing - the electrochemical energy.

So you convert the jing to chi and store it in the lower body. This is why Tai-Chi says you have to build your jing for power.

Actually qigong masters go beyond this to create SHEN -- which is a stronger form of chi -- chi is electromagnetic where as shen is the laser energy.

This is shakti in India whereas prana is chi.

The John Chang vid is a good example of these type of abilities in action:


Right -- the burning is from the jing or electrochemical energy. They're all related -- so if you have chi or shen then you can create burning.

As for going without food -- well is a better alternative mass sacrifice of young males in war?

Because that's indeed the choice! The Buddhists put one male of each family into a monastery where they're celibate and then train to develop this spiritual abilities.

So it's not just going without food and water but also the ability to do healing, astral travel, have precognition and telekinesis.

Originally this was from the hunter-gatherer cultures and they regularly faced famine. But also this ability healed the people so there was always happiness without warfare and violence. The Harmless People by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is a great book on the Bushmen culture using this ability to overcome hunger and thirst but also doing healing.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin went 49 days without food, water and sleep. But he did that at http://qigongmaster.com which is a mountain in China. Western scientists have not gone there to do testing. Still Chunyi Lin was just verified for his HEALING ability by the Mayo Clinic.

These abilities go against objective reality and are based on a constant interactive type of consciousness not based on the ego -- so there is no "you" and no "me" -- there is a constant flow of energy as consciousness.

In other words any test is not just the person being tested but the energy of the context. For example Chunyi Lin was supposed to "fake" heal people but he could feel their pain -- and this goes against pretending to heal as a control. He's taking in their injuries and so heals them because he becomes one with them....

O.K. here's a study over a month of taking in about 15% of the normal calorie levels:


The scientific data also clearly indicates that although the two subjects have lived 30 days with a substantially low nutrient intake and a serious negative nitrogen balance, still there are no indicators that within their bodies have occurred organic impairment. The internal environment of the subjects has also maintained a relative homeostasis and normal blood flow indexes. The biochemicall data shows that blood pH, blood sugar, blood lipids, blood serum, the immunology points and the hematological index of the subjects were within the normal scope. Hemalbumin and metabolites were all normal, with a slight increase of creatine.

Elements are created through protons, electrons and neutrons -- so qigong master Chunyi Lin says he can create all the proteins he needs from the chi energy.

How does this work? Again from my own training I know that the water is created from hydrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere -- the training uses ionization.

The concept is that the energy is already there -- so by resonating with the energy through meditation you then can create more through an internal oscillator or feedback system.

In other words you "listen" -- but no one is listening! The energy is always-already manifesting -- but by resonating with it then it creates more -- it intensifies.

In western science the closest model I can discover is called "sonofusion" or "Piezonuclear fusion" -- you can create light from sound -- and you can also change the neutrons of molecules thereby changing the elements.

Exactly correct -- from my own research -- I discovered that magnesium is a photoreceptor.

Magnesium is the only difference between chlorophyll in plants and human blood.

In nonwestern traditional Chinese medicine it's taught that green cleans the liver -- green food -- and after the liver is cleaned then the electromagnetic energy is created through the heart.

So the increased magnesium enables more photons to be taken into the brain -- and this creates a photoelectric effect. Photosynthesis works through an "ion cascade" on the level of quantum mechanics.

The sense of smell is proven to also be quantum mechanics -- so there has to be a "Resonance" of quantum "beats" -- and smell bypasses the prefrontal cortex. This is why people can't smell themselves -- you can smell NEW smells due to the quantum beat resonance but after that it goes back into the subconscious of the cerebrum brain.

Meditation works through the autonomic nervous system -- so you're over-riding the prefrontal cortex. Through training you can synchronize the energy with prefrontal awareness -- this is what Buddhist monks train to do. Otherwise you can just go into trance and not be personally aware of various perceptions around you even though you are creating free energy.

Well o.k. Chunyi Lin said from "chi" but he really meant from SHEN -- again this is a very rare ability.

I went 8 days without hunger and I had only a half glass of water but I was not thirsty. But keep in mind the "shen" energy is very powerful -- it's LASER energy.

How is a laser created? Through synchronization of frequency -- through resonance. So first you have electrochemical energy of the lower body. This can start out as food but it is converted into sex energy.

That's the jing - that gets turned into chi or electromagnetic. Now that is difficult enough but as the chi increases then you get shen -- the shen is when you have full pineal gland opening.

But the ability to go without food and water also comes with the ability of telekinesis and precognition and telepathy.

If you're around other people they're going to freak out due to your strong electromagnetic fields -- which again go into spirit or laser energy. You can SEE DEAD SPIRITS.

This is beyond just chi -- it's spiritual energy which is even more rare.

Check out these abilities from Yan Xin:


April 29, 2010 6:36 PM spiraldance said...


It wasn't until 1986 when two young researchers, David Rumelhart and James McClelland, solved the XOR problem and revived neural networks. Their approach was called 'parallel distributed processing' and, essentially, it treats simulated neurons as if they are a 'a vast community of microscopic computers' just as Brian Ford proposes in his New Scientist article.

Thanks. I was with my sister and niece today. Since I knew they were visiting I made sure not to eat any food -- because, again, due to my yoga training I have to be very careful about my food intake. So then everything was great but my sister wanted Arby's roast beef as it's not found out east -- in her area. Still I could not eat! I had to make sure to keep my system clean because my brain automatically transduces any lower body energy (serotonin or anaerobic bacteria) up into my brain via my vagus nerve and then my pineal gland transduces that energy into electromagnetic fields which are shot out of my brain.

So I have to be very careful -- every day -- I have no choice but to limit my food intake due to my qigong or yoga training. Again since I'm not a professional meditator I do eat more than I'm suppose to and also I eat the wrong food.

Even salt tastes like poison when in the purified state of increased electromagnetic energy.

So this training is very really -- people can do it to different levels depending on the circumstances. My sister just called me and as we chatted she was saying how I should of ate Arbys. When I got home from our visit -- then I discovered a PM about this thread which was ironic considering how much trouble I had gone through to make sure my system was clean for the visit of my sister and niece! haha.

I told her to make sure to warn me next time they visit so make sure not to have food again -- and to clean out my system. But as of late I'm doing heavy physical labor outside in the woods so I have to eat quite a bit of food. But I had to quit my job in the city because I could not regulate my diet properly due to my previous fasting training.

April 29, 2010 7:23 PM spiraldance said...

"places"? Sorry in this thread? I have been to out of the way places but in this thread by "out of the way" I mean places of consciousness not physical places.

O.K. I'll take you up on it though.

Let's consider Gurdjieff's travels, for example. Have you read Gurdjieff's books?

Anyway he was born in Armenia -- or nearby there -- and then traveled into Central Asia and Tibet. This was in the early 1900s. So he met some fakirs, some yogis -- he went to India, to Egypt, etc.

Finally he studied with the sufis in a monastery. The sufis rely on fasting as their main means of spiritual training.

But if you do fasting on it's own that's "mind yoga" -- whereas yoga or qigong or even trance dancing is "body yoga." With "mind yoga" of just fasting you would die unless you are celibate and away from females.

But in "body yoga" -- you do not have to be away from females. O.K. just with fasting the male is ionizing his life-force energy into electromagnetic energy.

But once the "foundation is laid" - this takes three months - the the "macrocosmic orbit" is established -- this means that the brain's energy is transmitted externally as electromagnetic but also that the external energy is taken in to the lower body as electrochemical.

So Gurdjieff relied on the Sufi path which means a separation from females -- and was the main path also in Indian yoga -- except for tantra. Tantra was the "poor man's" yoga outside the caste system -- so the tantrics eat meat, have sex, and drink alcohol -- but still practice yoga.

These are all subtle differences and difficult to explain -- mainly have to be learned through practice.

Alright so you mentioned the Sahara -- I traveled to Morocco for a month -- not as a tourist but accompanying a peace corps volunteer. So we went to the most traditional village left in Morocco. These were Berbers. I have recently had friends from Morocco -- they know of Sufism but despise it.

Still again, the traditional sufi path is fasting and in Morocco traditionally this meant a 40 day fast in the desert.

Qigong master Chunyi Lin went 49 days without food, without water and without sleep!! But he was in full lotus in a cave in China. And his progress was monitored by his qigong master -- who watched him using his third eye at a distance. http://qigongmaster.com


Today, I cherish the mo­ments when Yuanming Zhang is in a par­ticularly buoyant mood, and lets his audi­ence glimpse his training at the Swallow Cliff Cave: the ritual 49-day purification fasts, feasting on the. lights of the moon and the stars, and sleep that was turned into active meditation by balancing on a bamboo pole.

So this is a remote mountain in China -- but any Westerner could go there and train in qigong -- provided they have a few thousand dollars to throw around. Still could they go into a cave, have the door shut in on them, and spend the next 49 days taking in no sleep, no food, and no water?

I doubt it! Yet after qigong master Chunyi Lin finished that training plus passed several tests dealing with taking deadly poisons, having electricity passed through his body, etc. he was certified an "international qigong master" by the Chinese government.


Michael E. Zimmerman moves to UC-Boulder and publishes "integral ecology" -- "deeper than deep ecology"

April 29, 2010 8:00 PM spiraldance said...


Again your system has to be perfectly clean because once the pineal gland is permanently magnetized then the anaerobic bacteria of the lower body is transduced into the brain via the vagus nerve. The blood brain barrier is bypassed due to the ionization. The serotonin is also transduced creating great brain bliss. Human e. coli is not a problem except for the smell -- you won't catch any more diseases if you don't have any. There's some dangerous e. coli strains but that's from factory farming having huge feedlots, etc. Some tantric yogas even eat sh***.

The fasting ability works through proprioreception. This is that "tingling" or "chills" a person gets when they have some emotional connection. Usually it's through music -- recently proven that the chills in music means that the opiates as neurohormones have been activated, increasing the immune system. Hence the healing power of music.

So in sports, as you mention, there's the "zone" -- this too is the natural opiates activated from the proprioreception. Proprioreception is the sensation of internal touch but it's a pure electrochemical sensation. It works, again, through the vagus nerve, connecting to the internal ear, and this works through the adrenal glands. Science calls this the HPA axis -- hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis.

So if you increase your parasympathetic nervous system response you get increased relaxation which then increases your natural opiates. But there's another alternative which is what the trance dancing route is -- you override your adrenal sympathetic stress system and after it empties out there's a trigger to the parasympathetic.

On the contrary sense Professor Robert Sapolsky of Stanford, from Harvard, focuses on primate immune system response from stress -- and documents that when the male has external emission this is a trigger. Up until ejaculation there is only parasympathetic relaxation nervous system response -- but for the male -- the external emission is a TRIGGER for the stress sympathetic system -- which is why the man sleeps afterwards. Also why in sports traditionally you're suppose to save up your energy.

So that's why civilization is stressed out -- even addicted to stress as dopamine. Whereas the parasympathetic system works on serotonin converting to melatonin -- the body's major antioxidant healer -- and then into DMT as the internal molecule of the pineal gland.
Bonobos are different -- the male primate bonobo rarely has an external emission, despite having sex all the time -- and the bonobos are peaceful.

Anyway on proprioreception -- as far as technology goes there's the "brainport" which also works similar to the bigu fasting. So the bigu or the fasting is ionization of the lower body life force electrochemical energy -- the sex hormones are internalized and transduced. But the brain can be trained to transfer this proprioreception into any of the other senses as the brainport documents:



We all know how great the sense of taste is -- what about EATING WITH OUR EYES? Yes? of course!


Yep - the brainport enables this!! And so that's proprioreception.

I was hoping to get testing done. For example I was sitting in full lotus on a bench at the University where I got my masters degree. I was actually asleep but this young female woke me up. She was impressed by my full lotus. Her parents were from India and she just got back from a spiritual camp in Colorado with an Indian guru.

As we talked since she's female the electromagnetic energy in my brain was shooting into her -- via my vagus nerve. She could see the right side of my neck pulsating as the pineal gland works through right brain dominance. So when I talk that is left-brain dominant and the vagus nerve does not pulsate (along with the carotid artery) but when I don't talk then the pineal gland transduces the lower body energy via the vagus nerve.

She asked me if that pulsation on my neck was automatic? Did I have control over it she wondered? And that's the secret of trance yoga -- pure consciousness does not exist in the West!! Pure consciousness creates light but it's beyond space time -- it's not our thoughts nor what we see or any other sensation, etc.

And because she was standing in front of me my vagus nerve was pulsating -- in other words SHE was creating this vagus nerve pulsation due to the complementary opposites of reality -- the inherent male and female dynamics of resonance.

The West measures reality by symmetric math! Yoga and qigong -- alchemy -- works by logical inference with out a closed system of math -- through complementary opposites. The closest comparison is noncommutative math in quantum physics -- energy is measured by frequency not amplitude -- but even in quantum physics the math is converted back into classical symmetric math as amplitude.

So there is really no Western model for qigong or alchemy or yoga, etc. But I couldn't explain all this to a young female psychology student. She said she was thinking of transferring out of her masters degree to go to an alternative psychology degree. But I convinced her otherwise -- not through my words -- but because I had not been fasting -- so my diet was impure.

Because she stood in front of me my lower body energy was transduced and shot out of my pineal gland into her -- and she got a energy healing from this. But because I had a bad diet I also "off gassed" my lower body anaerobic bacteria! haha.

Anyway to find real masters of this fasting ability is very rare. The over 3,000 studies in the database are mainly from China and they're not double-blinded -- they're "single-blinded" with controls used. It's not bad science but not the highest standards and for extraordinary claims requires extraordinary proof.

So you ask for more studies.... Where is the heat stored?
The answer is in the lower body -- called the lower tan tien -- it's just behind and below the navel. It's basically the stomach because first you get strong heat in the belly and then you are not hungry. So you don't need to eat and then the belly is filled with electromagnetic energy instead of food. In fact if you eat food it deconverts the electromagnetic energy back into electrochemical.

So there must be extreme purity of the body for the fasting to work properly and the electrochemical energy is emotional energy -- so each major organ of the body has a major emotion with it.
Clog the liver and you get anger
Weaken the kidney and you get fear.
Too much sugar?
Pancreas damage causes worry.
Damage the lungs from smoke? Get depression.
Finally overexcitement and damage the heart -- this is why old people get strokes.

Yeah so the traditional nonwestern knowledge is an integration of the lower body organs with consciousness and emotions are the most important for maintaining health.
When you open up the heart properly the LOVE emotion turns into electromagnetic energy.

Here's some electromagnetic chi study results:


Conclusion: The external Qi emitted by Qigong master Yan Xin at 7km, and 2,000 km, caused up to 12% changes in the intensity of a He-Ne laser beam. The intensity changes corresponded to a rotation of the polarization plane of the laser beam of up to 7 degrees. The result represents a new Qigong phenomenon.

Well the point is that proprioreception can be transduced into any other sensation -- the brain translates the pure electromagnetic stimulation into electrochemical and then back into electromagnetic. That's how the brainport works -- so you can see with your tongue! The fasting also works this way -- so the electrochemical energy is transduced into electromagnetic and this electromagnetic is turned back into water and nutrients.



Just to chime -- qigong masters can smell cancer. I did actually smell it once after I had fasted for 8 days while meditating the whole time and then I attended the Level 3 qigong retreat. There was man in the front of the room of about 200 people -- and he announced he had traveled from Arizona -- to Minnesota -- because he needed special healing. I was amazed people could stay in the room with this man -- no one else seemed to notice -- and he had this smell of death. The qigong masters say that cancer smells like burning flesh -- so maybe you are smelling the steroids instead of the cancer itself.


This doctor -- who wrote "the Scalpel and the Soul" also was able to predict death in his patients - but I think it was he could see auras. This is a fascinating book -- he sees dead spirits or so do his patients -- experiences precognition from a shaman in Africa, etc.

The pineal gland works as a piezoelectric transducer -- this is where the biophoton energy comes from.

Again bone pressure is a transducer of ultrasound which then creates electromagnetic fields. This is why the full lotus is practiced in yoga -- cross your legs with your feet up on top your opposite thighs.

Now there is a pressure point at the base of the spine -- Gurdjieff calls this the "kundabuffer" -- it's also called the gate of life and death. It has to stretch open so that the lower body hormones can travel up the spine. Neurohormones -- mainly serotonin -- can then bypass the blood brain barrier via the endothelial cells.

This blood brain barrier bypass works through the ionization of the vagus nerve from the piezoelectric transduction -- and from right brain dominance or creating internal listening. We can hear ultrasound -- but only internally -- this is the secret of "mind yoga" -- when you stop your thought process and just listen. The highest tone you hear externally -- when focused internally creates ultrasound. This is discussed in Drosich's book "Magic of the Senses" on biophysics.



That will give you several science studies on piezoelectric transduction and also on ultrasound cavitation or sonofusion.

Here's more on quantum chaos biology and biophotons:



Here's the connection to SponCom -- Spontaneous Human Combustion:


Right this is very closely related to "parthenogenesis" in other life forms -- even mammals can do "parthenogenesis."

You recycle your lower body waste -- just image NO SEXUAL EMISSIONS -- that right there for a male is an amazing source of energy.

Never heard of "parthenogenesis" before, so I wiki'd it, this is what they say

"There are no known cases of naturally occurring mammalian parthenogenesis in the wild."............

this has only been created with mammals in a laboratory, so you FAIL again! Mammals cannot do "parthenogenesis" unless we humans interfere and play the creator!

What you are talking about is very dangerous, please read

There are no known cases of naturally occurring mammalian parthenogenesis in the wild. However, in 1936 Gregory Goodwin Pincus reported successfully inducing parthenogenesis in a rabbit.

In April 2004, scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture used parthenogenesis successfully to create a fatherless mouse.

It is highly doubtful that artificial human parthenogenesis would be used to reproduce humans due to technical concerns. Use of an electrical or chemical stimulus can produce the beginning of the process of parthenogenesis in the asexual development of viable offspring.

Induced parthenogenesis in mice and monkeys often results in abnormal development. This is because mammals have imprinted genetic regions, where either the maternal or paternal chromosome is inactivated in the offspring in order for development to proceed normally. A mammal created by parthenogenesis would thus have double doses of maternally imprinted genes and lack paternally imprinted genes, leading to developmental abnormalities. As a consequence, research on human parthenogenesis is focused on the production of embryonic stem cells for use in medical treatment, not as a reproductive strategy.

Scary stuff eh?

Right "Medical treatment" -- not as reproductive strategy.

Yeah http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn4909-virgin-birth-mammal-rewrites-rules-of-biology.html

Only when sperm and egg meet are all of the key genes available, allowing proper development.

O.K. this is where we take you to the next level of esoteric secret -- the life force energy is electrochemical energy from outside of the body -- not just inside.

Check out this new Mantak Chia Taoist master video on STEM CELL energy -- sexual hormones -- plus the pineal gland COMBINED -- to give information to the stem cells:


O.K. the pineal gland is a piezoelectric transducer and it creates reverse electrolysis. I went 8 days on half a glass of water -- I was never hungry nor thirsty and the electromagnetic fields kept getting stronger and stronger:


As free hydrogen and oxygen atoms collect on the plates, they are chemically attracted to each other, but the polymer membrane prevents all but the small hydrogen protons from passing through. The potential created by shearing off the hydrogen proton from its electron is usable electricity and is carried around the membrane in an external circuit. The byproducts of the fuel cell are heat (from the proton electron separation), and water.

Oh yeah spirulina is considered the key for fasting because it is digested not through oxidation but directly through mitochondria use of the glucose. So there is no need to reconvert the glucose back from the glycogen stored in the liver. This means you don't get the lactic acid build up when working out as happens with normal glucose digestion.

That's a crucial SECRET to spirulina. Yeah I gotta get back on this stuff. But any high chlorophyll diet should help significantly. What makes spirulina different is that is has a more primitive cell structure than plants -- but in some ways it's more like animal protein.
April 30, 2010 12:28 PM
spiraldance said...

Again Chunyi Lin went 49 days without food and without water and without sleep! He sat in full lotus in a cave in China -- and now Chunyi Lin works with the top hospital in the world -- the Mayo Clinic.

http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread566146/pg11#pid8697861]post by stereologist[/url][/i]

Right the use of that article.

What I suggest is NEVER -- EVER -- don't even think about it -- what ever you do -- don't ever use the internet to search for piezoelectric transduction of the pineal gland.

Because you might find something. And even more importantly avoid all science journal searches of this "piezoelectric pineal gland transduction" -- Science Citation Index --


that in fact an electromagnetic field which shows pineal gland pressure transduction is
NOT THE SAME as piezoelectric pineal gland transduction creating an electromagnetic field.

No -- to be honest - the two are opposites yet complementary opposites. Maybe something to do with Faraday or Maxwell...?

Still insist that this is not possible.

Now only empirical evidence is proof -- no deductions are allow!! Not in science (well maybe U.S. science) -- but not British science!! haha. I'm invoking the whole tectonic plate debate which of course is related to the piezoelectric transduction debate.

But I digress..... or maybe not?


Well some of us might stray.... we
might us the internet to search this topic.

We might even post such studies.
Of course to do so would violate the boundaries of self-censorship in the name of Orwellian truth.

Ah look what I found when I searched this subject -- not only my own blog but alas -- this SCIENCE STUDY -- apparently unrelated (or not?)





Oh is that it? Those pesky international scientists.

DAMN THEM -- crashing down on Western myopic delusions!!


The piezoelectric effect has been studied in wet and dry human bones using a piezoresponse force microscope (PFM). It allowed to measure piezoelectric response with nanometer scale resolution directly in a collagen matrix and to obtain a piezoresponse image near the Haversian channel. Dielectric response and dc conductivity have been measured. Theoretical calculations taking into account the inhomogeneity of the electric field under the PFM tip apex and its screening in highly conductive bone samples were performed for obtaining the piezoelectric coefficient in the bone collagen.

Pineal gland electromagnetic transduction:


We report here the presence of a new form of mineral deposits in the pineal gland. The calcite microcrystals would have piezoelectric properties with excitability in the frequency range of mobile communications. Their interaction with GSM waves could constitute a new mechanism of electromecano-transduction on the pinealocyte membrane, influencing by the fact the melatonin production. The RF-EMF electrical component interaction with the crystals could induce a morphological modification of the crystals, a vibration depending on the EMF frequency.

This morphological change, even tiny, could involve a modification of their cellular environment, by a localized modification of the cellular membrane of related cells. The membrane changes could alter the adrenergic suggested and/or calcium channel function. A similar mechanism of magneto-transduction was revealed by Kirschvink in connection with magnetite crystals of the brain and their interaction with the magnetic component of RF-EMF [15]. Pinealocyte can "communicate" through their gap junction [16, 17]. The deformation caused by the crystal vibrations could thus by simple activation of one or two pinealocytes, activate a whole area of pineal cells and thereby act on the pineal physiology.

The following research paper was presented at the 1999

Utilizing the Innate Self-regulatory and Self-healing Capacity on Weight Management

Do our bodies have any ability to help weight management? Through nearly 30 years of Qigong practice and research, the author believes that Bigu Qigong is one of the most effective ways to utilize the innate self-regulatory and self-healing capacity of the human body to control body weight.

Bigu translates literally as "avoid (bi) the grain (gu)". In practice it reflects the ability to live solely on qi without food. Bigu is a period during which the qigong practitioner’s vital energy transitions from the air one breathes and the essence of food and water to drawing one’s sustenance strictly from the qi in the air. For the experienced qigong practitioner, this is a natural process that occurs when the accumulation of qi reaches a certain level. The ability to sustain normal body functions from qi only is possible, with no change in one’s daily routine and there are no side effects. Some qigong practitioners can live on the qi, without food, for a long period of time oftentimes achieving and sustaining a much higher energy level through the physical and mental discipline of the bigu exercise. For weight loss, it combines reducing caloric intake, exercise, and behavior modification.

In 1996 the author began a personal and small group experiment. Results were presented at the Third World Conference on Medical Qigong, Beijing, China, 1996. In June 1999, a local newspaper reported that one of my weight management class participants had lost over 30 pounds over a six-month period following her attendance in the class. After receiving a number of public requests, the author conducted this experiment with 74 participants over a two-week trial during the period of July 6, 1999 and August 31, 1999. The group’s ages ranged from 21 to 81. There were 7 Males and 67 females in the study. During the two-week trial, subjects were taught two different Qigong exercises: one to control appetite, one to increase energy levels. Both exercises were experienced in a sitting or lying down position, using gentle breaths with mind concentration. Additionally, it was recommended to the exercises be accomplished in 15 minute intervals prior to the subjects three daily meals. Two rules were set: 1. Eat only when you are hungry. 2. Drink only when you are thirty. There were no food limitations. Class met one hour a day to do the exercise and discuss each subjects’ concerns.

The exercises facilitated in switching the body’s primary nutrient source from food to Qi. Special emphasis was placed on advising subjects this was not a deprivation study but rather a study to demonstrate the body’s ability to derive sustenance from sources other than food and in the process promote weight reduction.

Results/finding: At the conclusion of the two-week study, 58 of 74 attended more than 10 classes. There was a significant mean weight loss of 5.7, 5.69 and 7.66 pounds for 5 subjects from the normal weight group, 31 from the overweight group and 22 from the obesity group respectively. Even 16 of the 74 who attended only 6 of the classes on the average still lost 2.5, 2.6 and 3.44 pounds, 2 in the normal weight group, 5 in the overweight group and 9 from the obesity group respectively.

The subjects each reported a significant increase in energy levels post exercise for nine of the thirteen days. Hunger levels were significantly reduced ten of thirteen days. Blood pressure did not significantly change between pre and post measures.

The exercise controls hunger utilizing the innate self-regulatory and self-healing capacity from the body itself instead of seeking numerous drugs to limit calorie intake, forcing the body to change its own law unwillingly and causing side effects. Additionally, the exercise uses body fat as a source of energy rather than requiring subjects to do different physical exercises to burn up the fat. Many exercises are not fit for all ages and body weight is regained when physical exercise is stopped. As a behavior therapy designed to improve eating and physical activity habits, the exercise offered a solid base to ensure subjects were not hungry and were full of energy, thus, assisting them in following the two rules, eat and drink only when needed.

Mind concentration in conjunction with the special breath patterns used in Bigu Qigong played an important role in achieving study results, i.e., digestive function stimulation, heart and lung circulation, and increased circulation to the head and face all of which are key in achieving optimum self-regulation and self-healing.

During the first five days of the study, one subject was unable to concentrate due to family issues. The subject lost no weight. Once the author consulted with the subject her concentration improved and she lost six pounds during the remaining nine days of the study.Attendance was also a key in achieving the subjects’ weight loss goals.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Presented in the Second World Congress on Qigong, San Francisco, CA November 1997 and Published by Kung Fu/Qigong Magazine, November 1998

Based on the above understanding, Bigu Qigong demonstrates its big advantage on weight loss. Bigu translates literally as "avoid (bi) the grain (gu)". In practice it reflects the ability to live solely on Qi without food. Bigu is a period during which the Qigong practitioner’s vital energy transitions from the air one breaths and the essence of food and water to drawing one’s sustenance strictly from the Qi in the air. For the experienced Qigong practitioner, this is a natural process that occurs when the accumulation of Qi reaches a certain level. The ability to sustain normal body functions from Qi only is possible, with no change in one’s daily routine and there are no side effects. Some Qigong practitioners can live on the Qi, without food, for a long period of time oftentimes achieving and sustaining a much higher energy level through the physical and mental discipline of the bigu exercise. For weight loss, it combines reducing caloric intake, exercise, and behavior modification.

One of the most elusive principles of Qigong is quantifying Qi as a vital force. Scientific methods are just beginning to define its nature objectively, thus, supporting what has been experienced very profoundly on a more personal, subjective level. From the broadest viewpoint, everything is a form of energy. Body energy has an anatomy and physiology uniquely its own separate from the physical body. Despite the basic difference of air and food in terms of vibratory function and complexity, there is a homeostatic relationship between them in which one acts as a back-up system for the other.

Bigu can be found in many ancient Chinese texts, in individual legend and exercise methods to experience. Here are a few examples.

A story from Bao Puzi’s Inner Treaties said that: A man name Jian was hunting in the field when he fell into a deep tomb in his early age. He was so hungry. Then he saw a big turtle, its head moved up and down to swallow the air. Jian was told that a turtle is good at Daoyin – Conducting Qi, he imitated the turtle’s movement. He did not feel hungry any more until someone saved him one hundred days later. After that he had the Bigu ability – living on the air without food. The emperor Wei did not believe this and placed Jian in a room without food. One year later, Jian was still full of energy and his face had a normal healthy color.

Wang Chong Lun Heng –Dao Xue Pian from the Eastern Han dynasty, stated: "The people who live on Qi have longevity, although they do not eat enough grain they are still full of energy."

Among the historical relics unearthed from the Han Tomb No. 3 at Mawangdui, Changsha, Hunan Province, there was a silk book On Abandoning Food and Living on Qi and a silk painting Daoyin Illustrations of the early Western Han Dynasty period (3rd century B. C.). The former is a method of "inducing, promoting and conducting Qi"; the latter displays 44 colored "Daoyin Illustrations in which training exercises are painted.

As a Qigong practitioner, I have personally experience Bigu twice. From July 20, 1993 until August 3, 1993, my daily diet consisted of a cup of juice or an orange. The first three days were the most difficult as I continued to feel hungry. After the three-day adjustment period, I was able to control my appetite and hunger with the Qigong exercise and gradually increased my energy level as well.

During the two-week period I continued my normal work routine and required less sleep than normal; physically and mentally I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I lost a total of ten pounds in two weeks and have never gained the weight back. I repeated the same process for a two-week period in 1996 with similar results.

In June of 1996 I conducted a two-week weight loss experiment with twelve subjects most of whom had no previous Qigong experience. Subjects were initially taught two different Qigong exercises: one to control appetite, one to increase energy level. These exercises facilitated the body switching its primary nutrient source from food to Qi. Each subject was encouraged to eat and drink only what the body required. Emphasis was placed on the fact that this was not a deprivation study but rather a study to demonstrate the body’s ability to derive sustenance from sources other than food and in the process promote weight reduction.

At the conclusion of the two-week study, there was a significant mean weight loss of 11.2 pounds (5.06 kg) (p<. 0001); mean weight loss per day was 0.9 pounds (0.41 kg). Energy levels gradually increased over the two-week period with a concomitant reduction of hunger. Food consumption was rated on a six-point scale with a six representing three complete meals. Mean food consumption was rated fewer than two for all days except Day 3 and Day 11. (See Table I).

There was a significant increase in energy levels post exercise for nine of the 13 days (67%). Hunger levels were significantly reduced ten of thirteen days (77%). Blood pressure did not significantly change between pre and post measures. Ten of the twelve subjects lost a minimum of nine pounds during the fourteen day experiment; the two subjects who lost less than nine pounds (3 and 4 respectively), both performed the exercises less frequently and had a higher food consumption. All subjects returned to normal eating habits within three days of terminating the exercise. The results were presented at the Third World Conference on Medical Qigong.

Bigu Qigong is a safe and effective method for weight loss, which uses the exercise to reduce caloric intake under self-control; however, for the lay Qigong practitioner it is necessary to have an experienced teacher to guide them. Bigu is a viable protocol for long-term, sustained weight loss.

Pi Gu is a fasting program which comes from traditional Taoist practices. This is a lost art in China and with this book Tom has not only introduced this system to the Western world but provided those cultures previously familiar with the teachings a record of its existence and usage. The Pi Gu system is used by Tom in his clinic for weightloss and also for those looking to increase their spiritual understandings. This text explains the theory behing Pi Gu and also provides a discussion and explanation of the Tai Chi Dao Yin system of Qi Gong. Dao Yin is a simple exercise routine that is helpful for those in the Pi Gu fasting state as well as for building and maintaining health.

Below you will find excerpts from Tom Tam's Healing System text as well as links to other resources for further study. If you are interested in purchasing this, or other books by Tom Tam, please go to our Tom Tam book store.

Excerpts from Pi Gu: The Way of Chi Gong Fasting

From the "Theory of Pi Gu" Chapter
Modern Western theories can't explain Pi Gu. Since Pi Gu is an ancient Chinese practice and philosophy, we should go back to Chinese philosophy and combine it with modern knowledge to understand the theories behind this enduring approach to health maintenance.

In Traditional Chinese Medical Theory (TCM), when we eat food it is transformed into Chi, the vital energy that is stored within the body. No matter what kind of food is eaten, eventually all of it will produce a different kind of Chi and this Chi will then perform different functions within the body. In the universe, there are different types of Chi. But ultimately, no matter how many types of Chi there are in the universe, there are only two kinds of Chi: Yin Chi and Yang Chi.

When we practice Chi Gong, the state of Pi Gu can bring us to a higher level. Chi Gong is practiced so that Chi circulates better through the body. Pi Gu is another form of this practice. In ancient Chinese philosophy, we are told that we can eat Chi instead of food and as a result the body will become stronger. According to mystical legends, many people do not eat for a year and stay alive. In fact, this is possible. In daily life many Chi Gong practitioners can perform this task, not only the old monks and masters. The Chi that is to be consumed is taken from the universe, or it is already stored within the body.

This Chi is not something we can see, but rather something we can feel. It can be compared to the air that can sometimes be felt but never seen. In Chinese writing, Chi and air are represented by the same character.

In daily life we need food to supply us with the required minerals and vitamins. This is a simple common sense approach to good health. However, this wisdom applies when we are in a "normal" state. If we are in a special condition such as the Chi Gong state, we do not need food to achieve a balanced healthy condition and a high energy state.

From the "Fasting" Chapter
Western fasting methods cannot be continued for long because they are not in any way united with Chi. How many people are able to fast one week without any food? But in the Pi Gu state people can last a week, a month, or sometimes a year. Pi Gu is the eastern way of fasting. It can be achieved either through Chi Gong practice or by treatment from a Chi Gong practitioner.

From the "Value of Pi Gu" Chapter
Given the preceding discussion, many people may confuse Pi Gu with simple fasting. Or they will believe Pi Gu is only for weight loss or to clean out the body. Of course it can help the body reduce weight and cleanse the system, but that is not the only purpose. The major purpose is to keep the body in the Chi Gong state so that the body will balance itself automatically.

From the "Going into the Pi Gu State" Chapter
Not ingesting or avoiding food does not mean that you have gone into the Pi Gu state. As we have seen, fasting and Pi Gu have very different feelings. The fasting aspect of Pi Gu relates to the cessation of eating only in a physical sense. However, we must understand the difference between fasting and Pi Gu. When we are really in the Pi Gu state we should not feel hungry while physically feeling more energetic. Another benefit is that the mind will relax and feel more at ease, allowing a better night's sleep.

From the "Full Pi Gu and Half Pi Gu" Chapter
In these modern times, we have so many nutritionists. We like to use a formula to figure out how many calories are needed for daily expenditure, or how many vitamins, magnesium, calcium, and any of the minerals our body needs. But a person in a Pi Gu state can be more energetic and healthier without eating anything, although this does not make sense to most nutritionists. If we follow modern nutritional theories, then Pi Gu is only a fairytale from ancient China. Yet if we face the facts, we can see many people in Pi Gu who do not eat anything for a long period of time. When we think about Pi Gu, we cannot understand or explain how the body gets nutrition from the Pi Gu state. So we should not tie up our mind by science.

From the "The Best Way for Weight Loss" Chapter
In Western philosophy, the major purpose of fasting is to clean out the body and lose weight. Because Pi Gu is so new and is associated with the consumption of food, this leads to confusion regarding the true purpose of Pi Gu. Pi Gu is not limited to the concept of weight loss. It can be related to religion, philosophy, Chi Gong, health, healing, and nutrition. If we only examine it in the context of weight loss, this can lead to a complete misunderstanding of its true value.


Perfect Creation

By Dr. George R. Clements - 1964

"And all the days of Methuselah were 969 years, and he died." (Genisis 5:27)

"That which hath been is that which shall be (again); and that which is done is that which shall be done (again)" (Eccl. 1:9)

"Under the law of cause and effect, the results obtained are dependent upon the conditions supplied, as they bring into operation the power of production." (Dr. Robert Walter, Vital Science, p. 204).

We now know Ancient Tradition consisted of fables designed by Ancient Magi to present facts of Creation. One of the oldest was substantially as follows:

"Man was created perfect, and placed in a garden of fruits and streams. He was free of all bodily appetites and had no desire to taste the fruit or quaff the water. Moreover, he had been commanded by Divine Providence not to eat or drink as that would inject foreign substances into his perfect body causing it to deteriorate, decay, and die. Men were mere boys when a hundred years old, and had none of the infirmities of age. When ready to pass on to the region of the superior life, it was in a gentle slumber."

(1) Man was created perfect. An eminent doctor wrote:

"The human frame as a machine is perfect. It is self-renewing and self-repairing, and contains within itself no evidence by which we can possibly predict its decay. It is apparently intended to go on forever."

The existence of Man is proof of his perfection. He could not have come into actual existence had anything been lacking. Nor could he live long if his body did not correspond with all the natural conditions of its environment, and if it were not endowed with great powers of adaption to meet the various changes in the environment and the conditions rising from man's evil conduct.

Man was the supreme product of Creative Action, being the most perfect organiszation, Creation had produced in billions of years. Subsequent imprerfection rose from adverse conditions that impeded Creative Processes.

(2) Man was placed in a garden. He naturally appeared in an environment perfect for his habitation, and equal in state to the perfection of the entity produced to inhabit it, thus perfect correspondence prevailed.

But it required only eight generations, according to the Bible, for man to disrupt that harmonious perfection. Within eight subsequent generations, his decline in lifes span hit the low mark of 148 years in the case of Nahoor.

(3) Man was free of all bodily appetites and desires. Perfection lacks nothing and needs nothing. But civilization is opposed to perfection for it provides no place for trade or barter - the basis of commercialism.

This makes proper living for longer life an individual problem and brings strong opposition down on the head of all who favor it, and was the basic cause of the crucifixion of the gospel Jesus.

(4) Man was commanded not to eat or drink. If he pursued that perfect path now, it would ruin the world of civilization and commercialism.

The injection of any substance into the body, except pure air, is foreign to its constitution, and arouses its energy from a passive state to dispose of the foreign intruder, thus causing its eliminative agencies to perform emergency services for defensive purposes and to save the body from destruction.

(5) Men were mere boys when 100 years old. That is confirmed by chapter five of the first book of the Bible showing men did not beget offspring until they were a century old. But a change in something occurred after the Flood, indicated in Chapter 11 of Genesis, when men became fathers before they were 30.

(6) Man had none of the infirmities of age to trouble them. Age is the basic cause of man's infirmities. Decrepitude and death are not natural conditions in spite of the fact that they are so common and regular that they are now so regarded. They result from abuse of the body, not from the rotation of the earth on its axis!

The endless struggle of the body to live under the abusive treatment of man form the stories that fill the books of medical art, in which the interminable phases of these incessant struggles are given names in Greek, with their remedies listed in Latin, but with not a word as to the actual causes of these life-and-death struggles. In fact, aside from "viruses" and "germs", medical art claims the basic causes are mysteries, and millions of dollars and centuries of time are expended in "research" to determine the "causes" of these diseases, and to discover their "cure", a base scheme that is unbelievable but true.
Man the Unknown

"With all that man has accomplished in works of art, science, and literature, he has never yet in modern times sounded in depth nor soared to the heights of human nature. He cannon tell what he may become (nor what he has been)."

We know today so little about man that the late Dr. Alexis Carrel, recognized by many as the greatest Anthropologist and Biologist of this century, wrote a book, copyright 1935, which he titled "Man the Unknown" in an attempt to tell the world by the title that we know almost nothing about man. He said:

"Those (scientists) who investigate the phenomena of life are as if lost in an inextricable jungle in the midst of a magic forest, whose countless trees unceasingly change their places and their shapes...Most of the questions put to themselves by those (scientists) who study human beings, remain without answer...Man is made up of a procession of phantoms, in the midst of which there strides an unknowable reality...Our knowledge of the human body is most rudimentary. It is impossible for the present to grasp its constitution.

In fact, our ignorance (of man) is profound."

The hidden facts of the world's ignorance of man reveal a story far different from the unfounded fancies of doctors and the opinions of the brainwashed masses. And yet these fallacious fancies are accepted as facts and fill medical books that deal with the body's processes, disorders, sustentation and energizing powers.

If primeval man did not eat or drink, science is hopelessly lost at sea as to the body's energizing and sustaining agencies. For there is not the shadow of a doubt in the medical mind that what man eats sustains the body and gives it that "mode of motion" called life.

Man could not eat and drink if he were not alive! According to the Bible, it is not food but the Breath of Life, the Radiation of the Universe, that animates the body. The Bible says "The Life of the Flesh is in the Blood" (Gen. 2:7; Lev. 17:11) is this not proof enough!

The facts show the Sanguinary Stream that turns the Wheel of Life was there, flowing through the Human Temple before man had eaten food or imbibed fluid. If Creation's inexorable laws change not, the Blood of the body was not, is not, and could not be composed of what man eats, despite the claim of science.

If the Blood were composes of what man eats, its composition would vary with each meal of food eaten, and its volume would suffer serious fluxation. That Stream must be constant in quantity and uniform in quality to preserve life in the body.

Science cannot even show that food sustains the body. A wise doctor of long experience and shrewd observation, wrote a book titled "Natural Diet of Man", copyright 1930, in which he declared.

"The great mystery of nutrition is still unsolved. We can no more explain today how food material is changed in to living human flesh and blood that could the lowest savage of a thousand years ago."

Fallacies have no logical explanation, and they fall in the same category whether invented by fools or scientists. And yet the books in schools and colleges are filled with these fallacies relative to the nature of life, the constitution of man, and the ailments of his body, and they must be accepted as facts.

And so, it's not surprising that "the great mystery of nutrition" is just another scientific fallacy that folds up under sensible examination.

When man transgressed the Divine Commandment not to eat, he introduced into his body detrimental foreign substances that had no place there. The law of Creation had not changed. Then the body had to change or perish. And so it was forced into defensive action against this foreign intruder. On this point the great Carrel said.

"The body seems to mold itself of events. Instead of wearing out (dying), it changes (by making certain adjustments to meet new conditions that confront it).

Our organs (when it becomes necessary) always improvise means of meeting every new situation; and these means (while being a condition of degeneration) are such that they tend to give us a maximum duration (under the circumstances). The physiological processes, which are the substratum of inner time (aging) always incline in the direction leading to the longest survival of the individual (under adverse conditions)" p.192

In the life-and-death struggle with a new situation, these changes in the body's organs and processes have a range far greater perhaps than Carrel ever suspected. While they are of a degenerative nature, yet they reach to such an extent that the man we know, with a life-span of 70-80 years and thinks he's lived rather long, is far inferior to that ancient man of tradition who lived to 300-1200 years.

One of these "changes" to meet a "new situaion" was an insignificant expansion of the alimentary tract at a certain point, to form what is called now "stomach" to serve as a receptacle in which to store, until it could be disposed of, the damaging foreign substance man puts into his body by eating.

This may have been the inception of one phase of man's evil work that led to some of the body's degeneration that decreased its duration; and could clear up some of the mystery as to why the life-span declined so fast after Noah, who lived 950 years. Only eight generations later, in the case of Nahor, the life-span had dropped to 148 years.

We worked for years to solve that problem but found nothing helpful until we got a book titled "Life's Great Law", copyright 1903 by Dr. Robert Walter, another wise man of his day and time.

To our knowledge, Walter was the first scientist in modern times to discover that food damages the body. And he was so shocked by what his findings caused him to say, that he recoiled in surprise and shouted:

"Let no one conceive that we are arguing against food as a necessity of living existence, and no honest man will try to make it appear so."

That's definitely what he was doing, being logically led in that direction by his own findings and opinions. Then he hedged when he saw what his investigation was disclosing, and tried to work his way out of the dilemma in which he had cornered himself. At one point he had said:

"Every meal man eats has enough poison in its elements, if they were properly combined, to destroy an army." (p. 138)

That was one of the amazing factors he uncovered which caused himself to reverse and declare that he was not "arguing against food as a necessity of living existence."

It's a strange condition that the body has developed when its existence depends on food, one meal of which "has enough poison in its elements, if they were properly combined to destroy and army."

Now consider the extent to which the body moulds itself as it made "changes" through the ages to reach the point where, to save itself for a short duration, it must tolerate poison that gradually destroys it by degrees. That is the result of some of man's evil work.

We could cite many instance. Some are the effects of the decline towards the grave termed "disease" and "aging". These are unnatural conditions; and now we can understand why medical science is unable to determine the cause of "disease" and "aging" by searching within the body. For the cause is not there. We do not examine a rock to find the "cause" why it falls to the earth when case into the air. But we would if we had suffered that state of brainwashing called "medical education."

Another startling discovery Walter made was that instead of food giving the body energy as science claims, it actually extracts energy from the body. He said: The very presence of food within the vital domain does not necessarily activate the Vital Force to come under control, Instead of food communicating power to the organism, it actually extracts the power or Vital Force in the act of doing the work (of disposing of the food).

That energy comes from the body, not from the food. It's the body that acts, not the food. And that action is defensive, not constructive. The act results in damage to the body that decreases its duration.

Why is food necessary? That question Walter considered and his findings agreed with those expressed in a book written in 1669 A.D., which he had never read. He said:

"The use of food today is not to nourish the body, but is the means by which the organism is incited into continued activity and consequent expenditure of its vital force."

The body's energy, in the passive state, requires some means to make it active, and that means now seems to be food.

But this was not always the case. It's the result of the body's adjustment that caused the retirement of its explanation Radiosynthetic Organs, forced into dormancy by by man's bad habit of eating.

Originally, this activity resulted from Electrical Stimulation, rising from the radiation inhaled by the Great Aeriferous Organs. But long ages of eating forced the Radiosynthetic Organs into dormancy as the body changed to defend itself against the ingested food.

In our work of 1953, titled "Is Eating Natural," we said:

"Cell and body nutrition is a myth. What a man consumes as food does not supply cell nutrition by assimilation as claimed by science. The ingested substance merely causes activity in cell function by Stimulation and not by nutrition."

"Two types of stimulation seem essential now for the functions of the living cells: Electrical and Chemical. The electrical is atomical that rises from Cosmic Radiation.

"The ingested substance (food) stimulates the cells into certain activity, and passes on out of the body through the eliminative channels, as a flowing water turns the wheel of a mill, activating the mill machinery that does the grinding, but passing on without becoming a part of the mill."

Walter's finding confirmed this assertion. The found the only benefit the body derives from food, is the incitement it occasions to stimulate the cells to "continued activity." The expenditure of the body's energy in the process of disposing of the ingested food, deceives scientists as many other things do, and is regarded as "energy" rising from the action of the food; whereas the action is that of the body and not of "dead" lifeless, inactive substance called food. So often we are deceived by what we think we see. Usually the actual conditions are just the reverse of what they seem to be.

And now the provide that stimulation, man eats "dead" food so injurious to the body, that one meal "has enough poison in its elements, (if they were properly combined,) to destroy an army."

It's iunbelievable what the body can do in order to survive for a few years instead of perishing instantly. The unprejudiced findings of competent researchers indicate that "we eat to live and we eat to die." That is what a group of eminent doctors in Europe said in the 19th century (Densmore, p. 284).

Walter's unbiased findings led him to the same conclusion, as we have said, that appeared in a book he had never read, written in 1669 A.D. in which it was said:

"Food is the present medium through which (a definite) Force acts in the human body. During metabolism, that atomic energy is liberated, and stimulates (not nourishes) into action the cells (of the body) whose activity is essential to carry forward cell evolution (into being a state developed as the body adjusted its mechanism to dispose of foreign matter introduced into it in the form of food).

"Therefore, food gives the body only stimulation to atomic action (as Walter said): During this process, the ingested food loses none of its properties., but is merely changed into other states (called stinking faeces that is discharged through the anus.)

"In his present state of evolution man lives on food solely because he has not become conscious of the law governing the (Radiant) Force that gives atomic action to all powers of his organism...

"When man in time becomes conscious, of this law (as he was in the Golden Age), he will then be able to assimilate this Force (as he once did), and no longer be dependent upon food matter for the support of his organism" (p.64).

"Man, at a certain period in his evolution, will again exist without taking material nourishment, is foretold in an ancient prophecy of the Magi, that man shall again be blessed, no longer needing food "As in the Golden Age when he lived a thousand years. (Prophecy of the Most Ancient Sages, p. 66).
Electrified Radiation

As stated, we worked for years on this story, but always ended up in a blind alley until the splitting of the atom revealed surprising knowledge of the hidden nature of material substance. The recent anihilation of matter, as such, annihilated also what , for lack of such knowledge has been until now a fallacious materialistic philosophy of Creation.

We are now able to relate this strange story anent the sustentation and energization of the Human Body. This story is not found in books, nor taught in schools. It will be sneered by scientists, scorned by medics, and be a revelation to the brainwashed masses which the world will stubbornly reject for another century.

According to the Bible, "the life of the Flesh is IN THE BLOOD," not in the food man eats. But science regarded that statement as the drivel of superstitious heathens.

We now know that "superstitious drivel" was a scientific statement of Creative Facts; and we are now competent to consider the origin and constitution of the Life Stream, showing, from the facts presented, that the Bible was indeed right.

Fundamental principles indicate that Created Bodies are never made of nor sustained by "used" material. Creation never employs in any of its constructive operations "second-hand" substances. But that would be the case if man's body were composed of the food he ate.

Without an exception in the Universe, Creation constantly uses in its building-processes fresh material, direct from the cosmic reservoir. And that material is ELECTRIFIED RADIATION.

This is a stunning shock to scientists who consider nothing beyond the scope of their visible world of materialism which dissolved into Radiation when the splitting of the atom occurred.

The vast world of Radiation, well-known to the Ancient Magi, suddenly displaced the Shadow World of Materialism. In a flash the astounding achievement of splitting the atom changed the World of Physics to a World of Shadows, shattered the World of Physiology, exploded the World of Nutrition, and revealed the Eternal World of Radiation.

Now the shocked scientist, being only human, are feverishly striving to invent a terminology in their efforts to "save face" and make the present agree with the past.

And so, at long last some of the mystery of Life and Man were accidentally solved. His Blood and Energy are NOT the product of what he eats and drinks. They come from condensed Pantamorphic Radiation, the cosmic element that fills all space, and incessantly flows into man's Great Aeriferous Organs, and is liquefied, by their creative action.

This is the Universal Essence that forms galaxies, worlds, clouds, oceans, continents, mountains, rivers, forests, and everything on earth. According to the Law of Analogy and the inexorable Laws of Creation, we realise this Essence also forms the Human Temple, its fluids, flesh and bone, and the energy that gives it the "Mode of Motion" termed Life.

Now we understand why "the great mystery of nutrition is still unsolved." There is no such thing as "nutrition," as we stated in our work published in 1953, titled "Is Eating Natural." It's another fallacy of materialistic science. Food material never changes into living flesh and blood. The bald facts prove that Creation never employs "used" material in any of its building operations.

We inhabit a Radiant Universe. Everything from galaxies to men is constituted of condenses Radiation. Our planet floats in a Sea of Radiation. Water and ice, sand and stone, trees and weeds, are condensed Radiation. The lowly spider spins its web of condensed Radiations.

The Human Temple in which dwells the Divine Spirit, the most complete and perfect "house not made with hands" (2 Cor. 5:1), the climax of Creation after billions of years of building, elaborates its vital fluids of Radiation, employing for that purpose the world's Great Condensers, perfected by Creation for that work, and composed of the vast lung-area of the human thorax, consisting of approximately 750,000,000 tiny air-cells which, if spread out on a flat surface, would cover a space 50 feet long by 40 feet wide.

Man's body is not nourished but is sustained by the function of the Great Aeriferous Organs, which Condense into Blood the Radiation of Empyrean as it flows into them at each inhalation. That scarlet fluid congeals into living flesh and bone, forming and sustaining the Human Temple.

This secret doctrine of Creations Methods of building and sustaining man's body comes from the Ancient Magi, and exposes the fallacy of so-called Nutrition, revealing the reason why man can live for weeks without eating, but stops living when he stops breathing.

The facts show that man is merely a Breathing Mechanism, existing in a Sea of Radiation. Lavoisier realized this, and called man an Animate Engine, consuming Oxygen Gas as fuel, and emitting carbonic acid gas as exhast. But learned men of science scorned his revelation and refused to let it guide their reasoning to the true facts of Creation.

Breathing is the body's primary and principal function. All other functions are secondary and incidental, designed to keep the body fit to perform its function of Respiration.

Breathing is spontaneous, automatic, involuntary, and so far beyond conscious control that when asleep or unconscious from injury or other causes, man breathes better, deeper, and more rhythmically than when conscious and awake.

Eating and drinking are voluntary, controlled functions, and are strong factors in the cause of degeneration. Man has lived for weeks without eating and for days without drinking, and no measures known will so surely, safely and speedily normalize a deranged body as will fasting. And compared to the lungs, the stomach is an insignificant expansion of the alimentary canal that extends through the body from the mouth to the anus.

And for aeons this now filthy, stinking tube, the present sewer of the system existed in a clean, wholesome, dormant state, yet ever ready for service to save the body from sudden death when necessary, due to man's evil habits.

The interminable process of condensation and liguefaction, in the body's Aeriferous organs, of Radiation as it flows into them at each inhalation, maintains perfectly the proper quantity and uniform quality of the Life Fluid that constantly courses through the body.

Should this Creative Process of Life ever fail, in less than three short minutes the entire economy of the body would collapse like a house of cards.

The Empyreal Sea of Electrified Radiation in which the Earth floats, contains everything the body needs, and originally sustained it before man found the degenerative habit of eating food for pleasure.

It would sustain the body now as in the Golden Age had the body's Radiosynthetic organs not been dogmatized by the practice of eating and drinking...a habit that fills the body with rotting filth, tormenting pains, while sending it to an early grave.

This datum, not found in books, solves the secret of life, the constitution of man, the mystery of nutrition, and the reason why a hundred organs in the body are atrophied and dormant.

That is what crippled the Radiosynthetic Organs which formerly handled Cosmic Radiation so efficiently, that is sustained the Human Temple for centuries in vigourous health. In those glorious days of no eating, sickness, and no doctors, the life-span of man was a thousand years.

"From the cuneiform records of Babylon 2170 B.C. we learn that post-diluvian man lived 1200 years, but prior th that he lived for unbelievable ages. " (Kyrpton, in Quartum Organum, p. 458).

Trubshaw said, "Man's body is electrical, and contains dormant glands and cellular areas which if stimulated by magnetic force, would come into action and express powers of superhuman nature.

The injurious, life-shortening practice of eating food for pleasure, forced these radiosynthectic organs into retirement, as the body slowly adjusted its mechanism to meet the new condition - or perish. And so, instead of dropping dead in his tracks, man dies by degrees, and the dying process science calls disease and aging, while searching within the body for the cause.

In his book of Respiration, Prof. J.S. Haldane wrote:

"Living is a struggle of the body for air. Keep the last lung-surface supplied with fresh air, (observe all other health rules) and there's no reason known to science why man should ever die."


Chinese Bigu 辟谷(避谷) for Yang Sheng

by  Martin Eisen, Ph.D.

What is Bigu?

In Chinese “Bi” means to stop or avoid, and “Gu” means grain, including rice, corn or wheat. Therefore, Bigu means to avoid grain or stop eating. One of the earliest descriptions of Bigu was found in silk scrolls, from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – 24 AD), discovered in tombs in Changsha, China at Mangwnagdui. The first scroll had over forty diagrams and descriptions of Dao Yin exercises. Dao Yin was an early form of Qigong, which induced, promoted and conducted Qi for health and to cure diseases. The second scroll described Bigu as “Abandoning Gu and Taking Qi”. Thus, Bigu is refraining from eating food and eating Qi instead.
In terms of degree of involvement there are two kinds of Bigu – full and partial Bigu. In Full Bigu a person drinks a small amount of water without any food. In Half Bigu there is a small intake of food like fruit, nuts, and honey – traditionally called “Fu Er Bi Gu” – fasting with a pill.
Moses, Elijah and Jesus fasted for forty days. Theresa Neumann lived on one consecrated wafer a day. There are records in China and India of people who have gone without food for long periods of time.
Western fasting is different than Bigu. It cannot be continued for a long time. Eventually, the body begins to break down. In China, some people have been in a Bigu state for years. An important characteristic of the Bigu-fasting is that practitioner’s overall condition improves rather than weakens (1).

Can Bigu be explained?

Recently, western scientists have become interested in Bigu, as evidenced by over 500 participants and about 100 papers at a Bigu conference at Penn State University in 2000. However, western science cannot explain Bigu, since the body requires fat, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. found in food.
Traditional Chinese Medical theory can explain Bigu. There are different forms of Qi in the body, which have a different name depending on their function and location. Food (Gu) Qi is combined with Air (Kong) Qi to form Gathering (Zong) Qi. Under the catalytic action of Original (Yuan) Qi, Zong Qi is transformed into True (Zhen) Qi, which circulates to the internal organs and nourishes them (2). Thus, it is theoretically possible to produce Zhen Qi without or very little Gu Qi, by absorbing Qi from the universe.
More credence is given to the above theory by the experiment in (3). Results indicate that mouse hybridoma cells can survive in Dulbeco’s modified Eagles medium, without serum, or in phosphate-buffered saline buffer, without other nutrient ingredients, after Qigong master projected Qi into the cells. These results are the first evidence that a cellular equivalent of the human Bigu phenomenon can occur.

Types of Bigu

Chinese history indicates that there are many ways to achieve Bigu. Most styles of Qigong have their own method of entering a Bigu state. Many different techniques originated from the Taoist in different temples. In Taoism, the goal was to become an immortal or “Shen Xian”. Since immortals do not need to eat, the Taoist practiced Qigong to enter Bigu. Thus, another name for Bigu is Xian Tao. The Taoists believed in following nature and so ate when hungry and drank when thirsty. Thus, they did not force a Bigu state to occur.
During the Song Dynasty, some Taoists tried to use chemicals, such as mercury and lead, to become immortal. This was called “Lien Dan” “Lien” means melting or exercise. “Dan” in ancient Chinese could be interpreted as medicine for longevity. Many people died from an overdose of these chemicals. People realized that Dan is produced in the Dan Tian by Qigong practice, and not by taking chemicals and the alchemical approach ceased.
There are ancient Chinese records of herbal formulas for Bigu. Food intake was gradually curtailed and instead, herbs were taken. People achieved Bigu in ten days to a month.
Some masters recommend reducing food intake gradually. This method does not use herbs, but the person does Qigong and will be discussed in greater detail in Section 7.
The Buddhists’ ambition was to become a Buddha and they had their own form of Qigong to achieve this. The Buddhists were more forceful in using their minds. If they felt hungry in a Bigu state, they endured it until their hunger disappeared and they entered into Bigu.
Others forms of Bigu arose from Confucian, martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong.
To aid their students achieve a Bigu state, some masters project their own Qi to their students’ Dan Tian and stomach area to relieve and prevent hunger. However, this is usually a temporary measure and the students must still practice Qigong daily.
Another temporary aid is that the master charges water by projecting his Qi into it. The student relieves hunger by drinking the charged water.

Problems in Bigu Process

Unpleasant reactions, which can be dangerous, can result from Bigu. Not everyone has these reactions and other problems can arise. How to deal with hunger will be discussed in section.
(a) Lack of Confidence
If you are afraid to fast don’t do it or find a person whom you can absolutely trust to guide you. If during the fast, you become afraid that you will injure yourself, stop Bigu. You could also try Emotional Qigong to rid yourself of fear.
(b) Dizziness and Fainting
Dizziness and fainting are frequently experienced symptoms, especially from the first to the fifth week of fasting, due to the drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. Diabetics and people with low blood sugar or blood pressure are more likely to experience these effects. Diabetics may have to decrease their medication and should check their blood sugar. Later, blood sugar and pressure stabilize at optimal levels for the fasting person. However, fluctuations can occur.
These symptoms are usually not dangerous by themselves, but can result in damaging falls. Avoid sudden position changes from lying or sitting to standing. When rising, lean against something or support yourself and arise slowly. If you feel dizzy sit or lie down again. A good position is to lie down with your feet raised. Usually, you can sense that something is wrong before you pass out. Support yourself and put your head lower than your trunk. This maneuver can stop you from blacking out, which is caused by sudden outflow of blood from the brain.
If these symptoms persist you might to stop fasting. Consult a doctor and check your blood pressure and blood sugar level.
(c) Pain
Pain can occur in any part of the body. It may last from a few seconds to a few days. Infrequently, the pain may last longer. Pain during Bigu can indicate that a body part is being repaired and restored to normal function. The longer the Bigu state the fewer pains should occur. However, after a few months in Bigu a headache can occur. This is often due to energetic changes, felt because of higher perceptual awareness and not physical changes.
After long periods of Bigu, organs and fat deposits may shrink, producing changes in muscle tone and the positions of organs. This can be felt and interpreted as pain, especially in the abdomen.
If sudden, excruciating pain appears, consult a doctor.
(d) Physical Weakness
If you feel weak you must judge whether it is due to discharge of toxins, inactivity or too much exercise. While toxins are being discharged, more rest and sleep may be required. Inactivity breeds tiredness and doing energizing types of exercise, like Yoga and Tai Chi, can be beneficial. However, weakness may be a sign of illness and medical advice is necessary. If weakness persists after three weeks of fasting, Bigu should be stopped.
(e) Dehydration
If you drink too little liquids dehydration can occur. Symptoms of early or mild dehydration include: flushed face; extreme thirst, more than normal or unable to drink; dry, warm skin; cannot pass urine or reduced amounts, dark, yellow; dizziness made worse when you are standing; weakness; cramping in the arms and legs; few or no tears when crying; sleepy or irritable; unwell; headaches, and dry mouth, dry tongue with thick saliva.
Symptoms of moderate to severe dehydration include: low blood pressure; fainting; severe muscle contractions in the arms legs, stomach, and back; convulsions,; bloated stomach; heart failure; sunken, dry eyes, with few or no tears; skin loses its firmness and looks wrinkled; lack of elasticity of the skin (when a bit of skin lifted up stays folded and takes a long time to go back to its normal position; rapid and deep breathing, and a fast, weak pulse. In severe dehydration, these effects become more pronounced and the patient may develop evidence of hypovolemic shock, including: diminished consciousness, lack of urine output, cool moist extremities, a rapid and feeble pulse (the radial pulse may be undetectable), low or undetectable blood pressure, and peripheral cyanosis. Death follows soon if rehydration is not started quickly. After 15% – 20 % of the total body water is lost, you cannot be rehydrated.
(f) Nausea and Vomiting
These are signs that the body is ridding itself of toxins. This may indicate that you were not completely cured of some condition in the past or that you have an undiagnosed illness. Usually, don’t be concerned about these symptoms, since they stop after a few hours or less frequently, after a few days. However, if vomiting persists or contains bile or blood, consult a doctor.
(g) Weight Loss and Emaciation
Obese people usually lose more weight than thin people. However, your weight should stabilize, sometimes after a few days. The amount and rate of weight loss varies individually. Well nourished people have fasted up to seven weeks without harming their bodies. After that time, the body cannot rebuild itself and you become emaciated. Thus, if after a month, you have little energy, end Bigu, since you have no succeeded in using Qi for nutrition and try again later.
Anorexic people think they are too fat even though they are thin and should not practice Bigu until they are cured of their disease.
(h) Swelling Joints
Joints may swell, without any pain, during the first two months of Bigu. This can indicates that the joint is being repaired. The swelling usually goes down after 3 to 12 days by itself.
Another cause of swelling is drinking too much water or liquids with salt during Bigu.
(i) Emotional Instability
During Bigu pleasant and unpleasant emotions, which can be accompanied by inappropriate reactions, can appear. One reason is that Bigu not only repairs the body, but also repairs and cleanses the mind. Another reason is that the mind becomes more sensitive to stimuli. For example, a previously pleasant sound becomes annoyingly loud.
The person may feel that they have discovered the true meaning of life or that life is meaningless. These feelings may last for a long time after stopping Bigu. Emotional Qigong exercises may help.
(j) Paranormal Occurrences
Some people, especially after long periods of Bigu, receive information from higher dimensions. If they are unprepared, they can think they are mentally ill. Depending on their behavior, others can think these fasting people are mentally ill, especially if they are unfamiliar with Bigu. These abilities can persist for a long time. Affected people should familiarize themselves with the Qigong interpretation and handling of these phenomena, instead of seeking drugs and psychiatric help.
Some religions or philosophies believe in the existence of gods, spirits, ghosts, etc. People from such cultures are more prone to being possessed by, seeing, or talking to non-material beings during Bigu. These may be hallucinations resulting from toxins being eliminated from the body and will stop by themselves. However, if they are too intense, stop Bigu and try a shorter period of fasting. Sometimes the increase in paranormal abilities allows some people to see non-material beings, higher dimensions, and past and future times. Such visions may not be able to be cured. Consult an expert, who can distinguish between these two types of occurrences.
(k) Skin Changes
Skin problems are common during Bigu. These can result from past or current skin diseases or from or a new disease coinciding with Bigu, since many toxins are eliminated from the skin. Generally, these problems disappear with continued Bigu. However, if Bigu is continued when emaciation is pronounced, skin problems can indicate a disease that the immune system is too weak to handle and Bigu should be stopped.
(l) Feeling Cold
Many people feel cold even if it is warm and they are wearing warm clothes or covered by blankets. Drinking hot drinks creates a warm feeling only while you are drinking and shortly afterwards. Too many hot drinks can be a strain on your elimination system. Better approaches are energizing exercises and alternating hot and cold showers.
Feeling cold is caused by poor energy flow. Imagine breathing in white energy through every pore in your body. When you exhale the white energy cloud goes to you lower Dan Tian., where a small fire is burning, which gets brighter and warmer. Imagine the heat spreading to your body and limbs. Practicing this visualization can make you warmer.
(m) Fever
Fever occurs when the body is fighting bacteria, viruses, etc. Drink only warm water, rest and sleep. The fever should abate after a few hours or days. For sudden, high fever consult a doctor.
(n) Hair Loss
If a thin person begins to lose hair, after a month and a half, the body might be emaciated and so Bigu should be stopped. An obese person need not worry about moderate hair loss. It usually grows back. Women are more likely to lose hair than men.
(o) Loose Teeth
During days 3 to 12 of Bigu your teeth may feel loose and the gums may ooze. This results of the body detoxifying itself. After the detoxification period, the teeth usually become tight again and even stronger than before. However, if you had gum problems, caries, or a broken filling, consult a dentist.
(p) Different World View
After a few weeks of Bigu, you may see the world differently. Things which were important before seem unimportant and vice versa. Tasks which you could do automatically before seem difficult, as if you were first learning – for example driving. Other tasks, previously difficult, seem easy. You may think that you are mentally disturbed and your friends may comment on your strange behavior. This state may last for some time, depending on the individual. Don’t worry unless you are emaciated. Use your altered view to learn.

Uses of Bigu

In ancient China, Bigu was used mainly for religious purposes and by martial artists, who went into seclusion to perfect their art and discover new methods. Food was scarce and they did not want to waste time foraging. Hence, they probably practiced Bigu. Perhaps the most famous was Bodhidharma, the patriarch of Zen Buddhism in China and the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu. He meditated for 9 years facing a wall in a cave near the Shaolin Temple in He Nan Province.
Bigu was also used by Taoism practitioners (what we called Qigong today) to preserve life energy for longevity, and to reach higher level of cultivation rapidly.
There is no record of Bigu being used to combat starvation. Teaching Bigu in third world countries, where famine exists, could save many lives.
Bigu could also be used to survive temporary food shortages. For example, land or space explorers could become lost. Soldiers could be trapped behind enemy lines or in a desert. Sailors or airmen could be lost at sea.
There is no history of Bigu being used for weight loss in ancient China. The reason might be that there were not as large a percentage obese people as in modern times. People did more physical work and ate less fattening food. Further, being overweight was considered a sign of wealth. Recently, Bigu has become popular for weight loss (4), (5); (6). You don’t have to worry about counting calories, choosing and preparing food or do strenuous exercise.
Next I will discuss some medical applications of Bigu. There are differences of opinion on its application. Some practitioners believe that Bigu should not be used for children, because they are in a period of intense growth and any shortage of nutrients may be detrimental. Adults with a weak constitution are also excluded (1) and other methods of Chinese medicine are used. Others apply Bigu for treating cancer even though such patients usually have a weakened constitution, since some improvements in their physiological state occurs during Bigu. However, Qigong and other methods are used to improve their health before Bigu.
Bigu should be investigated as a possible treatment for diabetes. One participant, described in (6), was in Bigu for forty days. She was able to decrease the amount of insulin as well as the number of injections per day. Some days she was down to one injection while teaching, performing ballet, coaching gymnastics and swimming.
Dean Ornish”s program for reversing heart disease consists of diet, stress reduction, and exercise. The diet for reversing coronary artery disease is a vegetarian diet high in complex carbohydrates, low in simple carbohydrates (e.g. sugar, concentrated sweeteners, alcohol, white flour), and very low in fat (approximately 10% of calories). Yoga (meditation, breathing and stretching) is done for stress reduction. Participants exercised aerobically a minimum of 30 minutes a day or for an hour every other day for a total of three to five hours of aerobic exercise per week. Clinical trials have shown that this program is successful (7). Although there have not been large scale, clinical trials, it seems logical that Bigu and Qigong would work, since the dietary guidelines would obviously be followed.
Preliminary results indicate that Dean Ornish’s program is also effective for treating prostate cancer (8). Hence, Bigu should also be effective. This hypothesis is reinforced by the result cited in (9). A male, aged 58, had a PSA of 11. It went up to 12 after his mother died. His urologist suspected cancer and suggested a biopsy. After practicing Bigu, his PSA was 4, which is within normal limits, and the biopsy was negative. His doctor had no western medical explanation of this result.
During the intensive qigong seminar (9), which included Bigu, the patient also lost 35 pounds and his blood pressure dropped from 220/110 with medication to 120/75 without medication (this occurred within 2 weeks). His resting pulse rate dropped from 88 beats per minute (bpm) to 68 bpm in the mornings and 55 bpm in the evening after his regular work (seeing patients) continuing throughout the evening. The edema in his legs went away. His allergy and asthma remitted even though the workshop was in the Spring—the worst time of the year for an allergy patient. These results in suggest that Bigu should be tried for hypertension, cardiovascular problems, allergy and asthma especially, since simultaneous recovery from multiple “incurable” conditions cannot be explained by any known medical theories.
Taoists thought that not having to eat was one of the steps to immortality. Some people after Bigu appear younger – their hair darkens, scars are less noticeable and their skin is softer and smoother. This not just their imagination, but Qigong and Bigu enhance the free flow of Qi or bioelectricity which improves their metabolism.
Researchers have verified many times on many different animals that calorie-restriction produces youthfulness. In 1935, Professor Clive McCay, a nutritionist at Cornell, fed laboratory rats about two-thirds of the food they would have freely chosen to eat. He discovered their life spans increased by 40 percent to 50 percent. A Russian biologist stopped feeding 1000 old hens for one week and then resumed feeding them. After a month, they began to grow new feathers and some began laying eggs again. The calorie-restricted hens lived three times longer than the fed, control group of hens (6). A diabetes researcher at the University of Maryland, Barbara Hansen, has spent 20 years investigating the effects of calorie restriction on rhesus monkeys. The old calorie-restricted monkeys did not have heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension, and their cholesterol was lower. They were healthier than the old monkeys that ate what they wanted. Researchers think that semi-starvation may make metabolic processes more efficient, producing fewer free radicals and also perhaps boosting cells’ DNA repair systems.
Besides research, Okinawans are living proof of the benefits of a calorie restricted diet. They eat 40% fewer calories than Americans and 17% fewer calories than the Japanese average, but they still maintain adequate nutrition. Okinawans also have the longest average lifespan in the world and the highest percentage of centenarians. Compared to American elders, Okinawan elders are: 75% more likely to retain cognitive ability, 80% less likely to develop breast and prostate cancer, 50% less likely to develop ovarian and colon cancers, 50% less likely to experience a hip fracture, and 80% less likely to suffer from a heart attack.
Thus, it seems plausible that Bigu will also produce youthfulness in clinical trials.
It is also reported that Bigu could be used as a supplementary therapy in restraining cancer growth and build up immune system (10). However, there is generally a lack of study and evidence in this area for a clinical application. I would not recommend anyone to do Bigu on his/her own without the guidance of a professional and experienced instructor.
A Bigu conference was held in Sept. 2000.  The conference report can be found in (11) and the program and papers in (12).  More research on the mechanisms and the reliable medical applications of Bigu technique are warranted.
A westernized form of Bigu is practiced by Breatharians.  

This is described in (13) which also contains a detailed, downloadable e-book.

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Dr. Eisen is a retired scientist, who constructed mathematical models in medicine. He has studied and taught Judo, Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Qigong, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and Tai Chi in different places.  He took correspondence courses in Chinese herbology and studied other branches of Chinese medicine with a traditional Chinese medical doctor.  He was the Director of Education of the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Institute in Upper Darby, P.A.

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