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SuryaYog is an advanced Yoga that helps a common individual to merge (Laya) with Nature. It’s a way of refining the soul from the great Universal Masters. These Masters have been staying in the caves & Jungles for the past innumerable years without any food. They derive the energy from the SUN (Surya) , the Eternal light of the world. The super magician - human mind and the Atomic reactor - human body cannot be managed by common human consciousness. The Photons from solar system can help us to smoothen and enlighten us and it can help us to balance our body, prana,mind and soul.

A Yogi who meditates on ‘Surya” is SURYAJI. A split atom that has fallen on Earth from the Sun and has manifested in human form to be nurtured by Mother Earth.

“He will come from the land which is the meeting place of three oceans to form a Single Unified Nation. He will resemble Jesus Christ and will not believe in religious division; but will accept people of all faiths with open arms. He will absorb solar energy into his soul. He will follow the religion of love. His army will be the army of love. At the time of his arrival, the world will be engulfed by the rising tide of lust, anger, greed etc., and he will unify his countrymen under a common Culture “Solar Culture”.

image The Sun’s rays are like so many little wagons filled with food and this food consists of elements and solar energy to which we can all help ourselves to our heart’s content if we want to grow and develop on the physical and psychic levels. Everything that man needs is contained in the light of the Sun.

In the souls and spirits ,the minds, hearts and physical bodies of men, the creator has planted seeds( gifts, virtues, magic powers, spiritual splendours) that can be nourished and made to grow only by the light and warmth of the Sun. When we expose ourselves to the rising sun, all these seeds will begin to sprout. The sun will provide light and warmth, but we have to water those little sprouts with love, faith, trust and goodwill.Meditate, contemplate, pray and give thanks to the lord, pronounce some positive, luminous words and in this way we will become a garden full of lovely flowers and delicious fruit.

Omnipotent Surya’s Omni presence can change, arrange, reduce, remove ,balance and organize the chemical, bio-electric and bio-magnetic powers in the all living beings.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (E=mc2) explains the process. One can send messages through the Sixth Sense (The land of wisdom) and can attain the top level of meditation (the Aalphaa Stage) i.e. Silence.

When you surrender to the Lord of Lords, SUN through unconditional love ,You can experience the positive energy, the marvelous golden light, the tremendous Pranic Energy., Trikala Gyan from Nature, the Ultimate Guru of all

Sun Gazing Process

Practice Suryayog during safe hours i.e. either in the morning during sunrise or in the evening before sunset. During this period the UV rays are almost nil. Wear light clothes.

You can have some light drink but avoid heavy meals. A bath is advisable before the practice but not a must. During the practice avoid wearing glasses. Remove fear of Sun if any from the mind and develop Love, faith and devotion for the Sun. The same is very necessary for better result.

Spread a mat or woolen on the ground and sit comfortably in a position of your choice. Those who cannot sit down, may use a chair. Make sure your spinal cord is straight. Rub the area between your eyebrows on the forehead and place the silver coin there.

Never mind if it falls down which may happen for a few days in the beginning. After some day’s practice, it will stay there .

Bring your hands towards the heart chakra, make the SUN symbol with your hands and position them comfortably under the navel(solar plexus) with the palms facing up.(See the picture).
comfortably under the navel(solar plexus) with the palms facing up.(See the picture).

practise_suryayog_1 practise_suryayog_2

Now look at the SUN for seven seconds with devotion and faith. Slowly close your eyes. Let the turbulent mind come to a stand still; with love and devotion remember your parents, Masters, Mentors and all the living and non living beings in…Nature (five seconds).

Visualize the Rising SUN in the eastern part of your mind (15 seconds).
Now open your eyes with a beautiful smile. With your eyes wide open look at the SUN.
Let you mind not wander here and there and let your concentration be only on the SUN. As you concentrate on the SUN, feel the Love Energy filling your whole being.

Feel all the negative emotions like anger, lust, arrogance, passion, selfishness and all your physical ailments getting eradicated through the Solar Plexus. Let SUN burn all those negativities. Breathe in love energy through the coin and breathe out all negativities through the navel .Now give the affirmation to your mind:


(All those who have completed Suryayog for more than six months can do this exercise for 15 minutes, others may do for 5 to 10 minutes depending on your level of tolerance)
Now your eyes have received abundant cosmic energy from the SUN. Slowly close them .

During this time bring your concentration to the area between the eyebrows or the third eye where the coin is placed.

Sun Meditation

Now your eyes have received abundant cosmic energy from the SUN. Slowly close them .During this time bring your concentration to the area between the eyebrows or the third eye where the coin is placed.

practise_suryayog_5 practise_suryayog_6 practise_suryayog_15

When you breathe in, feel your whole being is filled with the Love energy from the SUN. let that Love energy which emanates from a calm and peaceful mind spread to every living and non living things in this Universe. Let that love energy come out through the each and every pore of your body. Visualize your whole body is engulfed in that flame of love energy (15 seconds).

Enjoy the unfathomable peace and silence that fills your heart now(30 seconds). Let your concentration be only on the third eye. Now all your negativities and bodily diseases are burnt. Now you have become an embodiment of LOVE. . Keep on giving the affirmation..


practise_suryayog_7 practise_suryayog_8 practise_suryayog_14

Let that love come out in abundance. Do the above exercise for 6 or 7 minutes.
With faith and love try to bring the SUN towards the heart chakra. (After 20 seconds) feel the blood vessels of the heart, the nervous system & all the cells in the body are filled with abundant cosmic energy. (After 10 seconds) feel you are sitting in the middle of a fire. When you breathe in, you are inhaling the fire through the coin, and in the same way when you are exhaling, you are giving out the fire through the coin. Visualize the fire is becoming bigger and bigger till it is the size of a man. You are in the middle of that fire. In that fire all are burning and becoming one. The fire burns all the diseases of the body.

Give the following affirmation 3 times.


After a second, release the SUN symbol and without opening the eyes, bend forward. Let your palm and third eye touch the ground. Let our breath synchronize with the breath of Mother earth and let your heart beat synchronize with that of hers. Let the fragrance of Mother earth enter your body through the nostrils.

Sitting in the same place without opening your eyes, rub your hands vigorously, bend the palms forward a little and palm your eyes and the third eye with the warm hands. Blink your eyelids two to three times. Let the eye receive the energy from the hands.

practise_suryayog_9 practise_suryayog_13

Interlock the fingers and slowly look at the SUN through the gap of the fingers. Bring your hands towards the heart chakra and present a smile - a smile from the bottom of the heart to SUN for all his blessings. Now greet one another with a beautiful smile. Pray for the peace and health of all living and non- living things in Nature (e.g. A crow, a stone etc)

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