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breatahrian congress - Olga Podorovskaya approach

Victor Truviano

I was born in the sea , on the coast of Buenos Aires , family of musicians , Italians , where the most important thing was always the art and how to interpret the art and classical music . in this physical body first contact I had with the state pranic went to my 4 years old. when I was 4 years old was without eating for several weeks even take some time for several months. from very small I have always been surrounded by doctors, scientists , psychologists , therapists .. my four years of ead was possible to remember my past lives their knowledge and wisdom .. is why in cualuier place where I was always coming to see people to feel the presence status and happiness that emanated through me . from that time until now the state has developed pranic completely, this state is permanent now for 8 years without eating anything, result happiness.

Mihail Savincev

Michael Savintsev was born in 1963 in Russia, in the Tomsk city .
He graduated from the Novosibirsk State University with a degree in applied mathematics and programming.
About 15 years ago he began a Spiritual Search, he tryed some Yoga systems and others systems of human development . 4 years ago he experienced a Spiritual Birth, and realized Immortality on Spirit level and the unity of all things ( Enlightenment ) . He had transfered to the vegetarian diet and then to the raw food diet .
Since the beginning of 2013 he realized the possibility of a Life Without Food and it`s deep relationships with the spiritual development . During 2013, used by the Olga`s Podorovskaya`s approach , he had transfered to Breatharianism . During the transition Michael came to understanding of the mechanisms of physical immortality and the determining role of Breath in these processes.

Krasimir Getchev

Krasimir Gechev was born in 1956 . He lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.
More than 32 years he shows a deep interest to the spiritual and physical techniques of self-knowledge and self-development of a Human . By the past 20 years, he sought to attain the enlightenment and the physical immortality. He contacted with the teachings and practices of: Yoga, Taoism, Nagualism , Tantra , Buddhism , Zen, and other spiritual directions. Professionally involved in martial arts more over than 35 years. By the past ten years he has created his own school and actively teaches aikido. Winner of the 4th Aikido Dan, and the 2nd Dan of Shotokan Karate .
He made several unsuccessful attempts to transfer to prana food technology by Jasmuheen . Since July 2013, he has actively joined to seminars and trainings of Olga Podorovskya . In September 2013, he had reached the physical cessation of breathing for more than 10 hours. Subsequently, he made several spontaneously enters into a state of a prolonged stoppage of physical breathing.
In his professional career he has extensive experience in various fields of activity .

Olga Podorovskaya

In 2010 she had finished her long-term search for enlightenment .
It gave her a possibility to create a unique approach » Technology of the Enlightenment »
With help of this approach the thousands of people realized the nature of the «I am »
In 2011, she developed the » Olga`s Podorovskaya Breatharianism transfer system .»
the copyright certificate was registered in the Russian Bureau of copyright.
In 2011 she organized the International Association of Breatharianism .
Community, brought together more than 3,500 people from many countries from all over the World.
In 2013, she was the main organizer of the » First international Breatharianism Congress» .
In September 2013, she began of a unique project :
«Translation of the animal ( dog ) to the Breatharianism with help of Olga`s Podorovskaya approach.»
Monthly analysis of the progress of the experiment with the comments of veterinarians opinion trainer and handler will be fully given at the Second International Congress » Breatharianism and Immortality .»

Dmitry Leykin

I found the best life style for any person — the so-called research (exploratory) approach to life. The point of this method is: To finding of solution of any problem a person need to investigate this problem — and then the solution becomes obvious. Special case of this approach is the method of promptly removing any pain with the power of observation only. I will read a lecture on these topics and I`ll teach you this method.

The Labrador dog «Leta»

Leta was born July 18, 2013.
Since second month of her life she has been passing the experiment of transition to the Life Without Food (Breatharianism) by Olga`s Podorovskaya approach
The breeders gave only the dry dog food to this labrador puppy.
In the September 2013 at the first month of the experiment puppy ate the raw vegetables and fruit. It gave it a possibility to clean it`s organism.
The Report about Eating and Health of puppy was filmed television channel Russia 2
Since October 2013 it has been eating a liquids which were specially selected
The solid food: artificial feed, meat, cereals, fish, poultry, vegetables and fruit. is completely excluded from the diet
After the change of teeth and the formation of the hormone system (aged 12 months) we are planning to reduce the amount of fluid with subsequent transition to water solely.

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